10 Things To Do Before Planning A Baby

Things To Do Before Planning A BabyEvery married couple dreams of planning a baby after few years of marriage, rather you can say that every marriage is followed by a baby and this is a ground rule which holds true for maximum couples.

But there are few very important things which you must keep in mind and follow before planning a baby. Here are some which are listed below which you can follow for a healthy and risk free pregnancy.

Weigh yourself

Weight plays an important role in pregnancy; some women being underweight have to face complications during pregnancy. On the other hand being overweight also might be risky for pregnancy. Thus it is very important for you to get your weight checked before planning a pregnancy, so that you will know that if you are underweight then get a nice nutritious diet plan from your doctor.

Following this diet plan religiously will help you in gaining weight and then you can easily plan a healthy pregnancy free of any risk. If you want then you can take help of few good exercises and yoga regularly in order to maintain the required weight for healthy pregnancy.

Plan a long Vacation

Once you plan a baby you will not be able to go for a long vacation for a long time, because it will take nine months for the baby to come out and then you need to take care of the baby and recover from the post partum implications. So it is better that you plan a long vacation before planning a baby and may be this vacation will help you in giving a good news you have been waiting for or planning for. This vacation will give you and your spouse to spend enough quality and romantic time with each other, which you will not get once you will plan a baby.

Go for Dental Check up

It is an essential requirement to go for a dental check up at least 3-4 months before planning a baby, because due to bad dental hygiene many times the risk of developing bacterial infection increases. The bacterial infections which occur due to unhealthy dental hygiene might cause premature birth and Pre Clampesia (protein discharge during urination).

Choose a perfect Gynaecologist

Before planning a baby make a list of the best gynaecologists in the city and near your house either from the directory or by consulting your friends and family. Then decide upon one of them who understand all your problems and needs be it physical or emotional. You gynaecologist should be your friend as well as your guide when you visit her.

Know all the vital injections and vaccinations

Once you select the gynaecologist then go for a complete medical check up of both you and your partner. Ask her about all the injections and vaccinations which are needed before and during pregnancy. Always remember that you should also ask her to vaccinate you for chicken pox and mumps too, so that during pregnancy these diseases are not able to attack you.

Take care of Paints on the walls

It is advisable that you should stay away from all kinds of toxins during pregnancy so instead of getting the harmful chemical paints go for eco-friendly paints on your walls. This will save you and your baby’s health from the worst effect of these dangerous chemicals. If possible create a small kitchen garden in your backyard or plant some trees in small pots which can be kept inside the house. Greenery inside the house is crucial for you and your baby’s health too.

Increase the intake of Folic acid

Folic acid plays an imperative role in the development of the baby, so try and increase the intake of folic acid in your diet. Try to induce natural folic acid in your diet through vegetables and fruits which are rich in folic acid before planning the baby. Some of the folic acid rich vegetables like spinach and fenugreek can be eaten everyday in order to keep the level of folic acid well balanced in your body. This will help in the growth of the baby and you will bear a healthy and chubby child.

Cut down the coffee intake

If you are addicted to tea or coffee then you need to change this habit if you are preparing yourself for a baby. 2-3 cups of coffee or tea in a day increases the level of caffeine in our body which is harmful for the growth of the baby. So you need to cut down the intake of tea and coffee before and curb your caffeine intake while you are pregnant, because too much of caffeine might cause planning the babyrisk in pregnancy. It is better that you drink fewer amounts of tea and coffee while you are pregnant.

Get Hair colour in advance

Hair colouring is not advisable while you are pregnant, so it is better that you get the hair coloured before planning a baby or getting pregnant. If you will get the hair coloured in advance this will keep you safe from developing any kind of allergy also. Try and get a hair colour done which will last for a longer time on your hair, so that you do not need to get them coloured in between your pregnancy period. Hair colour contains strong chemicals like ammonia which might prove harmful during pregnancy.

Enjoy all your hobbies and have all the fun

If you are fond of adventure, fun and going out quite often then do all these activities beforehand. Once you plan a baby and get pregnant all these activities involving risk and fun will be restricted for you. So enjoy and have fun as much as you want before planning a pregnancy as it would not be possible after pregnancy.

If you are fond of adventure sports like bungee jumping or horse riding which involve jerks and are risky too, then enjoy all these sports before getting pregnant. After pregnancy you ill not be able to do any such risky sports and adventures.

Thus before scheduling a baby in your life just follow these vital 10 things which will be very helpful in a healthy pregnancy devoid of any risk and this way you will enjoy your pregnancy too.