10 Tips to Get Pregnant Fast

After you have finally decided to have a baby to complete your family, it is natural that you will be eager enough to get pregnant fast to avoid further wastage of time. You have planned your finances and career, and now you will be concentrating wholly on pregnancy and safe delivery of the baby.

Most women do not face any hurdle while getting pregnant as it occurs in due course, but many couples do undergo a testing time to get pregnant fast. Time seems to be running out of their hands with increasing age. Getting pregnant is a natural event, so instead of getting tensed or frustrated, it is advisable to follow the simple tips to get pregnant fast.

10 Tips to get pregnant fast:

Avoid smoking and drinking. This must be strictly followed by both the partners. Smoking and drinking reduces the seminal volume and its quality creating problems in conception. These habits may also affect the fertility in women and have serious impacts on the unborn child.

Consult your doctor and check your health. Any one of the couple suffering from infections, sexually transmitted disease or sexual disorder may create obstacles to get pregnant fast. Both the partners should maintain normal body weight and follow healthy lifestyle.

Have intercourse minimum thrice a week to get pregnant fast and enjoy love making. Don’t consider sex as mere process of procreation, but always make it an enjoyable event trying out different positions.

Women can calculate their ovulation period or the fertile period of the menstrual cycle and have sex during that period to get pregnant fast. Ovulation period generally starts after the 13th -15th day of the periods when the egg is released from the ovary and gets ready to be fertilized by the sperm. One can easily determine the ovulation period through ovulation prediction kits and increase the chances of pregnancy.

You can also observe and study the change in cervical mucous and basal body temperature to determine the fertile period. You need to follow an ovulation calendar for 2-3 months to determine the exact fertile period and have sex frequently during that period to get pregnant fast.

Having sex during ovulation period is undoubtedly the most favorable time to get pregnant fast, but one should not rely totally on the ovulation calendar and abstain from sex for the rest of the days.

To get pregnant fast, maintain your fertility chart and calculate your days of ovulation, along with the checking of cervical mucous and basal body temperature. Sometimes mild abdominal cramps on the 14th-15th day of the menstrual cycle also indicates ovulation period. You need to keep a track on all these parameters altogether for faster conception.

Always try for better penetration during intercourse to enable the sperm reach the fallopian tube. The missionary position during sex is most effective to get pregnant fast and avoid woman on top position. You can place pillows under the hips and keep it at an elevated position for better penetration.

Make sure that the seminal fluid remains in the vagina for some time after intercourse. Do not get up from the bed soon after the intercourse.

Do not try too many things during sex to get pregnant fast. Keep yourself relaxed and tension free and enjoy the moment. If you do not get the desired result within six months consult a doctor.



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