12 Natural Tips To Avoid Heartburn During Pregnancy

Heartburn During PregnancyNo doubt, pregnancy is a joyful time for a woman but puts many physical discomforts. Heartburn is common problem for most of the pregnant women. The most common reason for heartburn is increase in hormone called progesterone.

Other reason for heartburn is compression of your stomach due to your upward growing uterus as your baby growing. You may feel sensation in your chest and throat and a sore an acidic taste in mouth besides heartburn. During pregnancy it is hard to eliminate heartburn completely, but you can minimize discomforts by fallowing suggested tips.

1. Drink plenty of water

It’s necessary to drink at least 8 glasses of water daily throughout pregnancy to reduce heartburn and other digestive problem.

2. Drink Very Little During Meals

Don’t drink lots of water meanwhile eating meals. Drinking a lot during meal can overstuff already compressed stomach.

3. Have several frequent meals

Have five to six small meals instead of having three large meals. Don’t rush to your food, take small bites; chew your food well to reduce chances of heartburn during pregnancy.

4. Avoid Foods Cause Heartburn

Avoid all foods can trigger heartburn. These foods include citrus fruits and juices, tomato and tomato containing products, mustard chocolates and carbonated drinks. Also avoid spicy, fried and rich foods can also be great causes to increase heartburn.

5. Support Your Body While Sleeping

Tips To Avoid Heartburn During Pregnancy

Support your body by pregnancy pillows, keep one pillow under your abdomen and other between your legs, try to sleep on a slight incline, this will keep stomach acids below diaphragm, thus prevent heartburn. Walk a bit before sleeping if had your dinner before some time. Don’t sleep till one hour after having dinner.

6. Chew a non peppermint gum

Studies have proved that chewing gum will help you to prevent heartburn, be sure the gum doesn’t contain peppermint because peppermint can trigger heartburn.

7. Avoid caffeine

Caffeine should be avoided throughout pregnancy; they have none good impacts on your health during pregnancy. Caffeine relaxes LES and causes acids to reflux back to your esophagus. Caffeine includes coffee, tea and cola. Caffeine is also great reason to cause nausea and fatigue.

8. Wears Loss Comfortable Cloths

Your dress matters for causing heartburn if it is tight on your waist. Wear loss and comfortable cloths.

9. Don’t Be Over Weight

Avoid gaining extra weight during pregnancy. Try to maintain your weight under your doctor’s guidelines. Extra weight and obesity can put pressure on your abdomen and thus allow acids to reflux into your esophagus, and causes heartburn.

10. Don’t Left On Your Waist

If you are lifting anything, don’t bend your body at your waist, bend it at your knees, bending on your waist can cause heartburn by putting pressure on abdomen.

11. Don’t Smoking And Drinking

Avoid drinking alcohols and smoking, alcohol relaxes the LES. Smoking can also cause increase in heartburn during pregnancy. They have other many Sid effects on your and baby’s health during pregnancy.

12. Consult To Your Doctor

If you are feeling no improvement instead fallowing natural tips, consult to your doctor; ask him/her to prescribe you antacids or meditations that can work best to prevent heartburn.

Don’t be panic about heartburn, it is not an emergency condition; it can be reducing by fallowing some natural or medical tips. Think about! After suffering these timely discomforts you art going to have the most beautiful gift of nature, your own baby.

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