12 Tips To Look Great During Pregnancy

12 Tips To Look Great During PregnancyPregnancy is the most anticipated time for a woman, you experience the extreme joys, happiness, and dreaming for motherhood, meanwhile you may feel some hormonal changes impact on you, which dampens your confidence level.

You may not feel like to go out side to attend gatherings, and avoid exploring your dough ball like figure along with problematic skin in front of friends and relatives. Don’t be hopeless, have heart, you can even look great throughout pregnancy by fallowing some suggestions, which will help to avoid being totally disfigure, along with reducing your skin problem like stretch marks, pigmentation, and itchy and dry skin.

Use After Bath Moisturizer

If you are feeling, your skin is going itchy and dry, after bathing, apply after bath lotion to keep your skin moist and silky soft.

Use Gentle Face Wash

Avoid using soap on your face, it would dry and crack your skin, use non-drying gentle cleanser to keep your facial skin moist and attracted. It will also avoid causing acne.

Use Suncare Lotions

if you need to go out door, apply sunblock or suncare lotion, 15 minutes before you go out door. It will protect you from skin balcking during pregnancy.

Balance Your Diet

Be good to your health! Avoid junk, spicy, fried and rich food, along with sweets and cold drinks, these foods will cause high weight gain during pregnancy. At the end of pregnancy 30 to35 pounds weight gain is normal. Have healthy, nutritious and well balanced foods. Do include fresh fruit, vegetables and skim milk in your daily diet to be healthy besides having shaped figure even in pregnancy.

Drink Plenty Of Water

During pregnancy your body needs to be always hydrated, drinking plenty of water will keep your skin moist and fresh, and this is also good for your and baby’s health.

Exercise Regulary

Exercise regularly, know about moderate exercises you can do during pregnancy, exercise will keep your weight under limits and won’t let you be a couch potato. Be sure your doctor allows you to exercise. Walking, swimming and yoga are safe exercises for a pregnant woman.

Sleep Well

Sleeping well at night and napping at day will keep you healthier, sleeping well up to 8 hours at night will prevent dark eye circles.

Stay Stylish

Don’t think that nothing can make you look great. Stylish, comfortable and fashionable maternity outfits are available in great verity and ranges of size. Wear long tunic shirt to add fluidity, choose fetching to, low v-neck, try jeans or pants that suits and fits on you. Buy good, look great.

Use Make Up

Make up yourself sensibly before going out of home. It will help you to hide skin patches, you explore during pregnancy. Use dark mascara and eyeliner with light color lipstick and lip gloss. Use waterproof and flawless make up.

Give Attention To Accessories

Put on outfit matching earrings, accent your neck with a light and beautiful necklace, and accent your wrist with 3, 4 bangles or with a bracelet.

Give Style to Hair

Your hair style tells story of your mood, give different fabulous style to your hair to give you amazing look during pregnancy, like pull a pony tail, put curls in your hair. Your hair style pays importance in your over all appearance.

Wear Stylish And Comfortable Shoes

Give preference to comfort while buying shoes, wear cute ballet flat shoes that accent with your outfit. Nothing can make you look as beautiful as your smiling face, put a smile on your face to look fabulous, get back your pre-pregnancy confidence in you by fallowing above suggested tips, realize you and other that you are still outstanding. Happiness matters a lot to give you prettier look.

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