25th Week Of Pregnancy

If you are pregnant and are in 25th week of pregnancy, you must have gained some weight by now. Your increased weight will slow down your mobility, but it is essential to continue small walks. You can also do some light exercise to make your body flexible.

You must take extra care during this week because there is a danger of premature delivery. This may probably be caused if you have some sort of infection or an incompetent cervix.

During the 25th week of pregnancy, body of the fetus becomes more balanced and it begins to gain weight. Its toenails and fingers develop completely and wrinkles on skin begin to disappear.

Its taste buds are in the developing stage. Experts believe that during this stage your baby acquires the ability to cry too. Fetus grows slowly but its growth is more regular.

Fetus weighs about 750 grams and is about 32 cm in size. Hardening of the bones takes place and a skin coating called vernix is formed on skin which protects the fetus from acidity of the amniotic fluid. Vernix also helps the fetus in maintaining its body temperature after it is born.

During 25th week of pregnancy, the brain of the unborn baby keeps growing fastly and at any time your baby can open its eyes. The internal organs of the baby have been formed by 25th week of pregnancy; hence in case of premature delivery it has greater chances to survive.

About 90% of the expectant mothers develop faint red or brown stretch marks on their hips, abdomen and breasts. But do not worry because they disappear after your baby’s birth. However you may use anti-wrinkle creams and supportive bras to reduce these marks.

You may experience other problems like dry eyes, indigestion, constipation, feeling hot, and heartburn. Some pregnant women may experience rise in their cholesterol levels too.

You should drink plenty of water and other fluids to combat these symptoms. Do moderate exercise; take balanced diet including foods rich in fibers and low in cholesterol.

During 25th week of pregnancy you may again be asked by your medical practitioner for blood test. It is normal to have itchy and dry skin at this stage but if it continues you should get yourself checked for fungal infection or liver problems. Whether you have a baby girl or a boy can be determined at this stage.

Rakesh Kumar Lakshman

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