3 Common Infections During Pregnancy

When an expectant mother gets sick during her pregnancy, she is much more concerned and worried about her baby’s health than her own self. There are certain infections which can do significant harm to the mother as well as her child during pregnancy. 3 common infections during pregnancy are discussed below.

Hepatitis B – It is a viral infection that leads to inflammation of liver. The virus is transmitted when you come in contact with blood and other body fluids of an infected person.

A person who has multiple sex partners, is a health care worker, has sex with infected partners, or lives with an infected person is at a higher risk to acquire this infection. Common symptoms of Hepatitis B infection are nausea, fatigue, and jaundice.

If a woman infected with hepatitis B gets pregnant without completely recovering from it, she may pass on this infection to her baby at the time of delivery. If an expectant mother gets infected with Hepatitis B during the third trimester then there is a greater risk of the baby to get this infection.

The infected babies might not exhibit any symptoms at present but they are at a higher risk of getting liver disease in their adulthood. This infection increases the risk of premature babies and underweight children.

Toxoplasmosis – It is a parasitic infection and generally exhibits no symptoms. If a woman gets infected with this disease, it may adversely affect the health of the fetus. Pregnant woman should not consume undercooked meat because this infection is most commonly contracted by the consumption of undercooked meats.

Toxoplasmosis can also be spread through house cats feces. Hence pregnant woman should take proper care while changing the cat litter box. Babies born to an infected mother can contract this infection which may result in jaundice, pneumonia, enlarged spleen and liver.

They may also develop hearing loss, learning disabilities, seizures, mental retardation and eye infections. Treatment is required in its early stage to avoid complications.

Listeria – It is an infection caused by bacteria. If a woman gets infected with listeria while she is pregnant, this infection may be passed on to the fetus through blood. The most common symptom of listeria is flu-like illness.

Other signs and symptoms of listeria are chills, fever, and back pain. In order to avoid being infected with listeria, pregnant woman should avoid the consumption of contaminated foods.

Rakesh Kumar Lakshman

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