30th Week Of Pregnancy

Expectant mothers who are 30 weeks pregnant are in the middle of the third trimester. Now that you are in the 8th month of your pregnancy, you are almost near your delivery date.

This is somewhat the final phase of pregnancy and if you are in this phase, you might be feeling restless.

In order to overcome fatigue and exhaustion experienced by you at this time you need to take rest and relax well.

You need to increase your stamina in the 30th week of pregnancy. And to achieve this purpose nothing can be better than light exercises like walking and yoga. But you must take your doctor’s advice. If he/she recommends for complete bed rest, you must follow his/her advice. Reclining beds can be used for relaxed posture.

Pregnant women undergo some more bodily changes in the 30th week of pregnancy. They tend to gain more weight and may observe some changes in their breasts like tenderness, stretch marks, increased size, itchy skin, darkening and increment in size of areola.

You may experience some other symptoms such as breathlessness, frequent mood swings, insomnia, and heartburn. Backaches are more frequent in 30th week of pregnancy and some expectant mothers may also experience Braxton Hicks contractions at this stage.

You can relieve your backache by taking proper rest and maintaining correct posture while sitting. For mood swings and insomnia you may consult your doctor. Keeping a positive outlook and eating a healthy and balanced diet will help you to overcome these changes in you. You will not have these complaints for long. All these problems will fade away once your baby arrives.

Your baby continues to grow and develop in week 30 of pregnancy. At this stage your baby nearly weighs 3 pounds and is between 14-17 inches long. He or she becomes more responsive to his or her surroundings.

Now major part of your uterine cavity is occupied by your baby and normally he or she is in a sitting pose. Your baby’s brain is growing at a faster pace in the 35th week of your pregnancy but other organs are completely developed and are functioning in a normal way.

You may occasionally feel the movement of your baby’s arm or leg across your belly. If you give birth to your baby during 30th week of pregnancy he or she will have a good chance to survive.

Rakesh Kumar Lakshman

Written many famous TV serials including Health Based TV Shows, several articles and stories for various renowned magazines and also written articles for websites.