4 Inexpensive Labor Tools That Help Ease Pain And Discomfort

There are plenty of affordable labor tools that can help get rid of much of the pain and discomfort linked to child birth.

Cold Pack – Helping against back pain

One of the most affordable ways of alleviating the intense labor induced back pain is a Cold Pack. These are easily available in pharmacies or can also be made at home. All you need to do is fill a plastic bag or even a glove with use. Make sure that you use something that can be zipped shut to prevent the ice from falling out.

You then need to place this glove or plastic in a sheet or a pillow cover. Application of such a cold pack on your back will not only help reduce the pain but also reduce the body heat, helping you cool down.

The Birth Ball – Relieves Pressure on Your Bottom

During labor, you feel a tremendous pressure on the bottom. An easy and inexpensive way of relieving this kind of pressure is by using a birth ball. This not only reduces pressure but also engages your muscles.

Keep looking for deals on such balls on various online shops. Such physiotherapy balls can also be available at a discounted price at your neighborhood store, stocking exercise equipment.

Rice Stock – For aching muscles

Don’t be surprised. It’s exactly what it sounds like. It’s a sock that is filled up with plain rice that can be heated in your microwave. It acts like a heat pad that can alleviate the pain on your arms and legs by providing a calm heating effect.

It can also provide pain relief to the pubic bone, if the baby has come down to your pelvis. A rice sock that only needs to be heated is easily available at your neighborhood pharmacy but you can save money by simply making one at your home. It is very easy and doesn’t require a whole lot of effort.

Using massage tools

No need to go for the expensive fancy massage devices, You can go for the simple massage tools that are cheap but offer the same kind of benefits. Look for tools that are specially designed to target particular areas of your body such as the back, abdomen or even the head.

Such tools help you apply the right kind of pressure on these areas and reduce the pain by a long way. These are just some of the inexpensive tools that help you reduce pain during labor.

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