40 Weeks Of Pregnancy Information – An Overview In The Form Of A Week By Week Guide

40 Weeks Of PregnancyPregnancy is an exciting time for a woman, especially when it is the first pregnancy. Information about pregnancy on a weekly basis is essential to help the expecting mother to identify with the changes to her body and herself as a person, for it is not only the physical changes that take place, emotional changes also come on board.

Having a weekly calendar to monitor the pregnancy development would enable all around her to be more supportive and aware of the changes taking place in the pregnant woman.

Weekly Pregnancy Calculator

A weekly calculation on the progress of the pregnancy is helpful to identify the stages or progress of the pregnancy, starting from day 1 of the last period. Thus, from this method of computation, conception has not yet occurred as the egg does not fertilize until two weeks later and only around the 38th week is the baby ready for delivery.

Pregnancy Stages

A pregnancy normally takes 40 weeks with 3 stages or trimesters identified: 1st trimester, 2nd trimester and 3rd trimester. The 1st trimester usually runs from first to twelfth week; the 2nd trimester from 13th to 26th week and the 3rd trimester from 27th week to delivery of baby, which can be from 38th to 40th weeks. A pregnancy can stretch on to 42 weeks for some women.

The 1st trimester is a very crucial period as it is considered a high-risk period, especially in the beginning weeks of pregnancy. The 2nd trimester records the spectacular development of the baby which brings the mother closer to the new life within. The 3rd trimester keeps charting the baby’s growth as well as monitors any out-of-the-norm changes to the mother or child as the body prepares itself for the upcoming delivery.

Expected Delivery Date

There is no guarantee on the exact delivery date computed even with the best calculation tool as it really depends on the ‘stock’ unless it is a Caesarian delivery. The computed delivery date is just an estimation to give mother and doctor a state of preparedness to welcome the entry of the baby.

Preferred Weekly Structure

A weekly guide on pregnancy with the essential information on the expected changes to the body as well as the emotions of the expecting mother would be ideal to help the mother through her pregnancy. It should have the minute details or ‘our-of-the-norm’ possibilities without scaring the expectant mother to help her monitor her own pregnancy and be alert to any abnormal changes or development, so that her baby and herself will not be put into any danger.

With a 40-week pregnancy guide, the pregnant woman can identify and understand the changes to her body and baby step by step, included the types of maternity clothing, exercises, baby needs and resources, diet and avoidance of stretch marks. Hence, the pregnant woman can relax and enjoy her growing baby as she is in full alert to the pregnancy development. A good pregnancy guide that covers all aspects of a pregnancy is a good thing to read.