5 Easy Tips To Boost Your Fertility Today

5 Easy Tips To Boost Your FertilityGetting pregnant after 35 may be challenging but not unachievable. It is quite natural that the chances of pregnancy reduce as women cross 30. The menstrual cycles become irregular along with ovulation.

The quality and quantity of eggs produced by the ovaries diminish thus seriously affecting the chances of pregnancy. The risk of miscarriages and still born babies increase in pregnant women above 35.

The fertility of a woman is under question when she crosses 35. Though doctors opine mid-twenties as the best phase to get pregnant, but women above 35 also have fair chances. Thanks to the advanced medical treatments which have substantially helped women in enhancing their chances of getting pregnant after 35.

5 Easy Tips to Boost your Fertility Today

These are the 5 easy tips that you should try to boost your fertility before resorting to fertility treatments:

Plan for a Pre Conception Appointment with Your Doctor

Once you have decided to get pregnant after 35, it is high time that you visit a doctor for the right guidance. Discuss your past and present medical history and your lifestyle with your doctor. Your doctor will be able to detect any serious factor from your past medical records that may interfere with your fertility.

It is easy to address a problem if detected timely. Your doctor may advise pre screening tests to evaluate your chances of getting pregnant after 35. You need to follow the prescribed guidance strictly to boost your fertility.

Reduce your Stress

Regular stressful schedules may seriously affect your fertility especially if you are above 35 years of age. Excessive mental stress and anxieties affects the secretion of pituitary hormones, which can directly affect your ovulation. As a result, delayed ovulation and menstrual cycles reduces your chances of getting pregnant.

Learn better ways of time management. Practice meditation and deep breathing exercises. Listen to music or exchange light moments with your partner and friends. Share your workload with your partner so that you can spend extra hours in relaxing.

Adjust your Lifestyle

Quit smoking and drinking. Reduce your caffeine intake. These steps are very crucial to boost your fertility after 35. Experts are of the view that prolonged addiction to smoking and drinking can reduce your chances of getting pregnant after 35 significantly.

Smoking impairs the normal ovulation process preventing the timely release of eggs from the ovaries. Women who smoke regularly often do not respond well to fertility treatments and may take a long time to conceive.

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Eat Healthy

This is another vital step that you must follow to get pregnant after 35. Since female fertility reduces to some extent after crossing 30, therefore it is necessary for you to boost your fertility by eating healthy.

Healthy dietary habits will help you to maintain normal body weight thus increasing the chances of pregnancy. Get enough amounts of Folic acid to boost your fertility. Regular intake of this essential vitamin also reduces the chances of miscarriage. Fresh green vegetables are the best sources of Folic acid.

Your special fertility boosting diet should also contain Vitamin A and C. Never miss out citrus fruits like grapes, guavas and oranges. Take moderate amounts of low fat dairy products for the required supply of calcium.

Avoid excessive sugar and refined foods. Cut down the intake of saturated fats and trans fats and increase the intake of unsaturated fats like flaxseeds, avocados, nuts, olive oil and canola oil.

Enjoy Sex

Enjoy sex with your partner instead of taking it as a routine affair. Arousal during sex increases the alkalinity of the cervical and vaginal mucous, which increases your fertility during sexual intercourse.

Have regular sex during the ovulation period. Use an ovulation kit to detect your ovulation period. Never carry your worries and tensions in the bed, which may hamper your love making.

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