5 Tips To Get Pregnant Faster

Tips To Get Pregnant FasterMost women dream of having their own baby at some time or the other. And once you have the perfect partner to share your hopes and dreams with, there is no reason to wait. But getting pregnant is not like a movie script or a fairy tale.

The chances of conception after just one or two acts of sexual intercourse are very slim. It takes time and you should not get disappointed if it does not happen immediately.
There are many factors that affect your chances of conceiving a baby.

And they should be kept in mind before you start trying to get pregnant. The most important thing is for both partners to relax and take each day as it comes. The more you stress yourselves about getting pregnant, the tougher it will be. Here is a list of 5 things that you can do to become pregnant faster.

5 Tips To Get Pregnant Faster

Consult a Doctor

This is the first step in your journey towards parenthood. Choose a good and reputed doctor and approach him/her with your case details. It is essential for both, you and your partner, to have complete medical evaluations.

This is to rule out any problems or conditions that may affect fertility and conception. Get all investigations like blood sugar tests, sperm count and motility, pelvic examinations, blood pressure etc. done. Also discuss any family history of diseases.

Use an Ovulation Meter

This is much better than trying to predict your date of ovulation yourself. It is a misconception that ovulation always occurs halfway through the menstrual cycle. The right date differs from woman to woman and from month to month. An ovulation prediction kit shows the changes in LH levels and is a useful tool for knowing when ovulation is likely to happen.

Have sex at the right time

The best time to indulge in sexual intercourse (to get pregnant) is a day or two before the ova is released. The sperm will stay active for two to three days and wait for the egg. This ensures that you do not panic at the last minute for not being sexually active on the same day.

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Do not indulge in substance abuse

Smoking, tobacco use, drug abuse and consumption of alcohol are a strict no-no. All these activities affect the woman’s fertility as well as the man’s. Smoking and drinking affects the quality of the ova and the sperm.

It may even diminish the sperm count and motility (speed and strength). If you indulge in substance abuse, stop as soon as you start trying to conceive. Indulging in these habits before actually getting pregnant can affect your chances of conceiving and the baby’s health later on.

Maintain Good Health

A healthy man and woman have a higher chance of conceiving a baby. Try and maintain your recommended weight (according to your height and age) and encourage your partner to do the same. Overweight people tend to face fertility problems as well as other related disorders.

Both partners should get their Body Mass Index calculated to ensure they are within the recommended range. The accepted BMI range for women is between 23 and 25 while for men it is between 20 and 23.

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