5 Tips to Help Get Your Baby to Sleep

Having a baby is a dream of all the couples. The couple feels very delighted when the new born baby becomes a part of family. However, after the delivery of the child, there is an increase in responsibilities of the parents.

Baby care is one of the primary goals of all the parents. One of the most important aspects of baby care is to get the child to sleep properly.

It is very important for the babies to sleep around eighteen to twenty hours in a day, so that they are able to grow in a proper manner. Sound sleep is very important for the growth of babies. However, some parents find great level of difficulty in making their child sleep. Some parents get very tired and stressed out in trying their baby to go to sleep. Here are some tips to facilitate the task of getting your baby to go to sleep.

First of all, you should make a routine of your baby. By making a good routine of your baby with respect to eating, playing and sleeping, you would be able to live a stress free life. Your baby would go to sleep early in the night if you make proper routine. You should make an effort to wake up your baby early in morning, so that the baby goes to sleep early in the night.

Try to make your baby take short naps throughout the day, so that he or she sleeps properly at night. Having proper light around the baby during the day would make the baby sleep less during the day. This would help in enabling the child to go to sleep early in night.

Make sure that the child is fed properly at night. If the stomach of the child is full before sleeping, then he or she would be able to sleep for a longer time period in night. So, give proper feed to the child before bedtime to enable sound sleep during night time.

If possible, try to breast feed the baby at night in a dark place. Also, do not talk while feeding the baby. This may make the child go to sleep soon.

Children really enjoy fresh air. Taking the child in fresh air in the night after feeding the baby would encourage him or her to go to sleep early.