5 Ways To Prevent Miscarriage

There are many pregnancies which turn into miscarriage every year. There are two major reasons for miscarriage. The first one is that the environment of the embryo is not good, thus hindering healthy development of the baby.

The second reason is that the embryo may have got damaged, thus not being able to develop into healthy baby. The five useful tips with respect to preventing miscarriage are discussed below. Deficiency of zinc in the body may obstruct proper development of the baby. Zinc is considered to be one of the most crucial minerals for women’s reproductive system.

Lack of this essential mineral may not allow a woman to retain her pregnancy, thus leading to miscarriage. Women with lack of zinc may face problems like frequent cold, mental exhaustion, dry skin and poor appetite. So, pregnant women should ensure to eat zinc rich foods like whole grains, lean meat, oysters and egg yolk to prevent miscarriage.

In order to retain your pregnancy, it is crucial to maintain optimum level of progesterone levels. For this, you need to consume foods that are good sources of vitamin B6 and magnesium. Egg yolk and nuts are rich sources of vitamin B. On the other hand, foods rich in magnesium include legumes and green vegetables.

Intake of vitamin C should be increased in the diet of expecting ladies. Quality of blood vessels and connective tissue would be improved with the help of intake of vitamin C enriched foods, thus assisting in good development of the baby. Citrus fruits like oranges, tomatoes and strawberries contain vitamin C in excellent amount.

There are numerous cases of miscarriage with respect to women who smoke. Smoking is one of the main reasons for miscarriage. So women should quit smoking, if they want their baby to grow in a healthy manner. Also, second hand smoke is harmful for the baby. So, people staying close to pregnant women should make it a point not to smoke.

Alcohol and coffee should not be consumed during pregnancy. These drinks harm the growth of baby and may lead to miscarriage. The above given tips would be of great assistance in preventing miscarriage. Also, women should have sound preconception health, if they want to prevent miscarriage as and when they get pregnant. So, the tips that have been given above should be implemented not only during pregnancy but also before conceiving.