5 Ways To Treat Postnatal Hair Loss

Ways To Treat Postnatal Hair LossHair loss after pregnancy is very common with more than fifty percent of the women suffering from severe hair loss. Pregnancy induced hair loss is different from other types of hair loss as it is hormone induced.

When we are pregnant, we have a healthy and glowing crowning glory gracing our heads due to the healthy hormone action in our body. It is these hormones that stop your hair from going into the ‘resting stage’ which is the stage when your hair falls and another hair is replaced in that place.

Once you have delivered and your hormonal action dips and gets back to normal, the hair has to again start its resting stage. This is when all your hair follicles that have missed the resting stage all these month start falling together, resulting in severe hair loss.

There are certain ways by which you have to treat the hair which is undergoing the resting stage after pregnancy. These hair follicles drop at the slightest pull as they have grown weak. Therefore, following certain simple practices will avoid severe hair loss during this phase. Here are certain methods to stick to when you have hair loss after pregnancy.

Go for Shorter Cuts After Delivery

As mentioned before, hair at the resting stage needs to be treated gently and require pressure to be taken out of it. The best hair cut at this stage is a short haircut when the hair will have minimum tension and you will have less hair to tend to. Go for a short hairstyle that will add volume and make it look fuller.

Short hair will also have less chances of getting tangled and break off in the tension and friction caused. Short hair will also remove the need to wear a pig tail, pony tail or braids which can pull the root and create tension and stress, causing it to come off. You may also try giving volume to your hair by adding layers and curls and also by using shampoos that aim at adding volume and thickening the hair.

Include Fruits and Vegetables to Your Diet After Delivery

Diet too plays an important role when you have severe hair fall. Try to add as many fruits and vegetables in your diet to combat the loss of vitamin and minerals and also to encourage the growth of hair and to strengthen the follicles. A balanced diet is important at this stage. A diet that is high in antioxidants must be consumed at this stage to protect the hair and body from free radical damage and also to fasten the growth of healthy hair. Fruits and vegetables that you can take are pepper, cranberries, blueberries, kiwi, artichoke, spinach etc.

Vitamin and Mineral Supplement for Hair Loss After Delivery

 Hair Loss After Delivery

After delivery, there would be severe vitamin and mineral deficiency in your hair. These deficiencies have to be combated in order to regain the lost glory and also to encourage its growth. B complex is an important supplement that has to be taken to prevent further hair loss and damage. Other vitamins and minerals that have to be taken as supplements are zinc, vitamin E and C, biotin etc. You can continue taking all the prenatal vitamins after delivery as well to treat hair loss. Most hair loss problems are caused due to deficiencies of essential vitamins.

As you are in the stage of breastfeeding, any supplements that you take must first be checked with your doctor in order to rule out any risk for the baby. Some vitamins in large amounts may not be good for your baby. You can always wait for treating your hair fall once you have started weaning.

Stress Reduction to Prevent Hair loss After Delivery

Stress can cause severe hair loss in men and women, Stress during and after pregnancy can make matters even worse as your hair is also in its resting stage. Therefore busting stress is one of the most important ways by which you can stop and prevent further hair loss after delivery.

There are many way to remove stress. Exercise is one of the simplest ways to do it. Exercise will help release feel good hormones in your body, thereby reducing the effects of stress on your hair and body. Find time to exercise at least for half an hour every day. Exercise will also release natural oils from your body, keeping the scalp moisturised and preventing hair loss due to a dry scalp.

Other than exercise, you can practice meditation techniques too to prevent stress. Try breathing exercises and yoga for improving you mental strength and happiness. You can also engage in some hobbies that help you relax and stay stress free. Simple things like rewinding and spending time with loved ones or playing with the baby are sometimes all you need to stop the effects of stress in your life.

Massage Your Hair With Coconut Oil to Stop Hair Loss

Coconut oil is known the world over for its amazing properties on hair growth and maintenance. During post pregnancy hair loss, you can use the goodness of coconut oil to stop hair loss and also to encourage hair growth and make it strong and glowing all throughout.

Take pure coconut oil, unrefined if possible and massage it straight into your scalp. Massage in circular motion into your scalp with your fingers. Make sure you cover the tip of your hair as well which could be having split ends. Continue for 15-20 minutes until you feel your head warm due to the increased blood circulation. Leave it on for an hour before washing off. Do this 3-4 time a week and within a month of massaging, your hair loss would have stopped completely.

If your hair fall does not stop with these treatments and continues for more than 6 months, you must consult a doctor to check for other possible causes like a thyroid deficiency for which you need to take other treatment methods to stop the hair fall completely.

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