6 Weeks Pregnant

6 weeks of pregnancy is an early stage of pregnancy and hence  the symptoms of pregnancy may be less during this period. But the expected mother may feel tired and sleepy. She may also have nausea and vomiting . If you have frequent vomiting, tiredness, then you may consult a doctor as you may have dehydration, weight loss, electrolyte deficiencies etc.

Some of the pregnant women may have heartburn, gas and bloating during this period. She may also have a disturbed sleep at night and may need to undertake  frequent trips to toilet. This is because the growing uterus may be exerting pressure on the bladder. She may also develop leg cramps during this period.

Most of the expected mother have tenderness and soreness in their breast. Most of the expected mothers starts to gain weight. The waist becomes more thicker and may feel a small pouch in the abdomen. This is because the size of the uterus reaches about the size of a plum by 6 weeks pregnancy.

Fetal Development

The baby will be around half an inch in length by 6 weeks. The embryo will be having the size of a lentil seed. At this time the fetus is found to have an over sized head in proportion to its body. The facial features becomes more visible at this point. There will be dark spots in place of eyes. Small openings can be seen in  the area of nostrils and ears are marked with small pits on the sides of the fetus head.

The limb buds that are protruding to produce the legs and arms becomes more prominent during this week and have the shape of paddles. The toes and fingers will be connected with a layer of webbing in between. On closely watching you can notice muscular fibers have started to develop. Pituitary gland also begin to grow.

The left and right chambered heart begins to beat now with almost 150 beats per minute. In between this week the fetus will make its first movement as the baby starts to respond to the sensory input. This is because the developing central nervous system begins to link with the muscles in the body and with the limb.

Take the best nutritious foods during this period so as to give birth to a healthy baby.