7 Superior Ways To Lose Baby Fat

7 Superior Ways To Lose Baby FatMost women develop baby fat after their delivery. It is not only embarrassing and unwanted but would take a toll on your health in the long run. But, women almost tend to ignore the oodles of fat around their weight and bust in their endless run to meet the demands of the baby. Where then is the time to think of removing baby fat?

It is only after your baby has grown up that you realise the implication of what you have been ignoring. Baby fat could be difficult to remove with every passing year. Therefore, it is important to shed them within the sixth month of your delivery. Most women think that it is a daunting task to remove them at this stage. But if you have the energy and the will, it can be taken up as a challenge.

Instead of complaining about time constraints, new mothers must find time to include a few exercise regimes and diet control in order to achieve that perfect ‘mummy figure’.

Ways to Lose Baby Fat

Tone Up Your Abdomen

After pregnancy, most women end up adding pounds around their stomach which becomes difficult to pull back. But this is not all that difficult if you have the right attitude and can do a few postural changes in order to attain a toned belly within months.

While you hold the baby and do whatever work at home, try to consciously pull your stomach inside and hold it there for as much time as you can manage. This will help to firm the stomach muscles that have become lax after delivery. While you stand up, push your stomach back and stand with your chest out and head held high. This posture does a whole lot of good for firming up your sagging breasts. This will also help the womb to get back to its original position.

Add More Fibre Rich Food to Your Diet

A diet rich in fibre will slowly remove the layer of fat on the stomach and make it flat. This would also provide you with a healthy weight while providing all the nutrients required as you breast feed your baby. Sodium intake is something that you have to watch as too much of sodium in your diet can lead to bloating of the stomach. Stomach muscles also swell as a result or a high sodium diet.

Water, an Important Ingredient to Reduce Post Pregnancy Weight

Drinking water can have a number of benefits for pregnant women.  At least 2 litres of water can keep your stretch marks away by keeping the skin moisturised and also remove all the toxins and fat from the body. Along with that, drinking water will help you stay full and avoid eating unnecessarily.

The ideal amount is about 2 litres of water every day. You can add fresh fruit juices with water if you find it difficult to gulp just gallons of water. Fresh fruit juice along with water will keep the body hydrated and provide the right vitamins and nutrients as well.

Feed Your Baby To Lose Baby Weight

Feed Your Baby To Lose Baby Weight

This is an entirely effortless task that you can do in order to get back in shape after your delivery. Many women are wrongly informed that breast feeding will actually lead to sagging of breasts and also lose its natural shape. The truth however is that breastfeeding will remove the fat that is piled up in your body and also help to regain the shape of your breasts.

Breast feeding has nothing to do with weight loss or gain or loss of shape. It can in fact help you to burn about between 200- 500. Breast feed for at least a year or ideally 2-3 years for complete protection from breast cancer as well.

Healthy Diet for Losing Baby Fat

Diet is as important as other things when you are trying to lose baby fat. A rich diet will only help in adding kilos and making your baby fat more difficult to shed. Follow a well balanced diet that is low in fat and also low in sugar.

Avoid snacking on sweets as this will not help you at all in the long runs. Instead, natural sugars like fruits ready so that you can benefit from the fresh nutrients and low fat diet.

Whole Grains, a Healthy Diet for Losing Baby Fat

Whole grains are low fat and can help you shed those extra kilos that you gained during the pregnant months. So change your white bread to add brown bread. Add pasta, whole grain rice, cereals etc. to your diet which will make the digestive system toil harder and burn more fat in the process. Whole grains can also offer abundant lifelong protection form diseases of the heart, sugar problems and stroke.

Exercise, the Most Important Ingredient for Losing Baby Fat

Exercise can not only be beneficial for your overall mental and physical health, bit can also help you burn calories and get back your svelte figure. Exercising need not be a rigorous affair as you may not have the time and the energy to do that. You can include your baby in the schedule. There are a number of exercises that you can do with the baby in tow.

For instance, for your stomach fat, you can do abdominal crunches while holding the baby as the weight. You will not only lose weight, but also give abundant enjoyment to your bundle of joy. Another great exercise that you can do with your baby as the weight is arm toning exercises where you can lift your baby up and down gently.

This too is immensely enjoyable for the baby and hence you do not have to spend extra time for getting arms that are greatly toned. Baby fat is not a difficult thing to shed as many women assume. With a certain amount of tact and a mind that can make things happen, anyone can attain a great shape within months of delivering a baby.

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