7 Weeks Pregnant

Most of the women got excited on knowing that she has conceived and is going to be a mother. They will be eager to know what is going inside and how much their baby has grown. During the seventh week baby may grow rapidly and may reach up to 13 mm in length with the size of a small grape.

Baby’s Growth in 7th Week

During the 7th week most of the facial features begins to appear. In an ultra sound scan you can see the tip of nose and mouth. At this point the tongue may also be developing inside the mouth. Sometimes the thin veins that connects to the teeth may also peer out showing that the teething process is began. Eyes of the baby may also gets developed during this period and it may have the retina and lens too. The skin of the baby remain paper thin and veins will be clearly visible. The brain and heart of the baby will be rapidly developing during this period. The heart will be bulging from the body and gets divided in to right and left chambers. The brain will also get complicated with its growing hemispheres.

During the seventh week baby may start to produce its own blood. The liver may be producing lot of red blood cells till the bone marrow start up taking this function. Even the major muscle groups may also start to develop. At this point the baby start to wriggle but the movements won’t be coordinated. You may even notice the slightly webbed toes and fingers. Baby would have got its intestines, pancreas and the appendix by this time.

Changes in Mother

By seventh week you may be experiencing morning sickness. Some women develop migraine during this period due to the dilated blood vessels in the brain. You may have nausea, gas formation and vomiting during this period. You may develop a small pouch in your lower abdomen. You may feel tired and sleepy too. You may develop strong desire to eat certain types of food while having discomfort with certain other types of food. Lack of appetite may also be seen in some women. You may have to urinate more frequently than before as your growing uterus will exert pressure on the urinary bladder.