8 General Baby Care Tips

Babies are very delicate and therefore require immense care and attention so that they stay healthy and fit. Negligence in baby care may prove to be very risky for the health of the baby. 

Here are eight baby care tips that should be followed in general. Determining the nutritional requirements of the baby is highly essential. The best nutrition for the babies is breast milk. Breast milk of the mothers contains all vital nutrients to maintain sound health of the baby and protect the baby from serious illnesses.

So, mothers should breast feed their baby quite often during the day, so that all the nutritional requirements of the baby are met properly. While bathing the baby, extreme level of care should be taken. Be very gentle while bathing the baby. Also, the towel used for wiping the body of the baby should be very soft. Further, it is recommended to bathe the baby every alternate day rather than bathing him or her daily.

The skin of the baby is very sensitive. So, parents should opt for cotton clothes for their baby. Synthetic clothes may cause irritation and itching on the baby’s skin. The diaper should be changed immediately after it gets soiled or is wet.

Ensure to wash your hands properly before holding the baby, so that germs in your hand are not transferred to your baby’s skin. While playing with your baby, do not make the mistake of shaking the baby. The bones and joints of the new born baby are very fragile. Also, the brain may get damaged due to shaking. Thus, shaking the baby may prove to be harmful for baby’s health.

Leaving the child unattended can prove to be very risky, resulting in accidents and mishaps. Proper vigilance and monitoring of the baby is highly imperative to prevent accidents.

The date of vaccination should never be missed. Regular vaccines are highly significant for protecting the baby from various kinds of illnesses, thus keeping them healthy and safe. The tips given above would be of great help in enabling the parents to handle their baby in a proper way, thus guaranteeing safe and sound health of the baby.