8 Most Important Aspects Of A Checklist For A New Baby

Starting a new family can be very exciting, and of course it is a very happy time for the couple. Whether it is your first child, second, or fifth, you still need to do a lot of planning and preparing before the baby arrives. Having a baby is very special; however you must remember that having a baby is just a small part of it, raising your baby is the next big step in your life.

As such, in order to begin that process and phase of your life as smoothly and easily as you possibly can, there are a lot of things you need to do. These include making changes and adjustments to your lifestyle and to your living attire. You have to understand that majority of your time will be devoted to taking care and looking after your baby. This is because, especially in the first few months, you have to constantly look after the baby’s need of being fed, put to sleep, and cleaned.

A lot of baby supplies are needed for a new born child. There are a lot of different types of baby supplies and a major portion of these are mandatory as a new born baby needs special care. Below are the 8 most important things that you need to purchase before having a new baby.


baby Diapers

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Diapers are the first thing that you should purchase. If you are not sure which ones to buy because there are just simply so many to choose from, then it is best for you to consult your doctor, as he or she can advise you on the best diaper there is in the market.

Money should not be an issue for you, because you are having a new baby, and the last thing you need is saving a few dollars and later having to put your baby through some ailment. Even though you may have good, or the best diapers, it is still safe to keep a doctor prescribed or approved diaper rash ointment. This is so that in the rare event that your baby experiences a rash on the bottom, you can apply this cream for instant relief.

Baby wipes

Baby wipes

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These are the other important thing. Do not get those fancy alcohol soaked and sanitized wipes because they can affect the baby’s sensitive bottom. Rather getting soft, high quality cotton wipes is the best option because they are very soft and friendly towards the baby’s sensitive skin. You can even make baby wipes at home, which can be very effective and useful.

Baby Bath Products

Baby Bath Products


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Showering a baby is a very delicate and important process. It helps keep the baby, healthy, smiling, and most important of all clean and hygienically safe. First, purchase a very good baby oil because you have to keep the baby’s skin moisturized and healthy as such you need a healthy baby oil.

It is very beneficial to apply it after every shower. Following that you should buy a baby shampoo and a baby soap. Not that babies shower every day, but it is important to have and use these products. You can do some research on the Internet to see which kind of shampoo and soap will be best for your baby. You should see to buy the ones that are the least chemically contaminated and are the softest on baby skin.


baby Pacifiers

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A toy that every kid plays with. Buy a few of these as they can be very handy. Especially if the parents have a little work to do and they would like for the baby to be self-involved for a little, letting the baby have it in the mouth will do the trick. However make sure that the baby does not suck it for extended periods of time, especially when the teeth are about to grow as the pacifier can affect the shape and placement of the teeth. In addition to that sometimes it also affects a child’s speech; as such only let the baby play with it for limited periods of time.

A Crib

baby Crib

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While it is a nice idea to have the baby sleep beside you, it needs a crib. This is because they are lined with very soft bedding, which is just ideal for the baby. Also you can swing them, which one often needs to do to help put the baby to sleep. Make sure the crib is not to heavy in weight otherwise shifting and moving it can be difficult. As far as the bedding is concerned for the crib, you should buy it altogether and remember to go for the softest ones available.

Breast Pumps, Breast Pads, and Bottles

Breast Pumps, Breast Pads, and Bottles

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These are all related because sometimes you might not have the time to breast feed, as such you will have to leave your breast milk in the bottle and provide the kid nourishment that way. The pads are very helpful in soaking unwanted milk leaking so buy soft, high quality ones that you can easily wash and dry.

Baby Clothes

baby clothes

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Baby clothes are just adorable to buy. You have to buy a few pairs of summer clothes and a few pairs of winter clothes. This is because sometime of the other you will take your baby out, and when that happens it is important to have to right clothing on. Also, do not be one of those parents who feel that a baby does not need footwear. It is absolutely necessary for your baby to have comfortable shoes. Buy all these clothing items together, and you might get a discount.

A stroller


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Although this can wait for at least a few months, but purchasing it in advance won’t hurt. Buy a very easy to use and carry stroller because complicated ones will become your enemy. Also, make sure it is comfortable enough for your baby.


These are the 8 most important baby items one needs before having a baby. They are the essentials that help ensure the safe and clean life for a newborn baby. As such be prepared and have a safe and clean house for your newest member of your family.


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