8 Ways To Have A Successful Vaginal Birth After Caesarean (VBAC)

Successful Vaginal Birth After Caesarean (VBAC)A caesarean birth always has certain risks associated with it. Many believe that once a caesarean is done, there is always a chance only for caesarean and not a vaginal birth. However, this is not true. Vaginal birth after caesarean (VBAC) is definitely a possibility provided you have the right support and the care provider by your side.

When you weigh the possible risk factors associated with a VBAC, it is nothing more as compared to a normal vaginal delivery. With the right amount of planning and care from the health care provider, you can surely make vaginal delivery a safe and smooth procedure.

Vaginal birth is the natural way God has programmed a woman to give birth. Therefore, facilitating a natural vaginal birth is in any way much safer and easier for the recovery process to take place. The baby in the womb too would be safe and secure from the medications that have to be injected during a caesarean operation.

Most mothers who have had a caesarean and have not experienced the pain associated with natural birth, fear unnecessarily as to whether they are capable of handling the pain. But think about the pain that you have to endure after a caesarean section. A natural birth process will give pain only until the baby is born and hence in many ways better than a caesarean. Here is some guidance on VBAC is you are planning one.

Get the Right Health Care Provider

When you plan a VBAC, it is very important to get the support of the right obstetrician. Many doctors are not confident enough or refuse to accept cases of VBACs due to lack of time and also in an attempt to avoid complications. Find out from your health care provider as to her competency in handling such situations. If not, find a person who is well versed in handling VBACs well. If your hospital lacks the facility and the staff to support you in a VBAC, then make sure you find a hospital that can handle such cases.

Enrol in a Prenatal Class

As you prepare for a VBAC, you must be aware of the complications that can arise and how to handle situations without panicking. Knowing the risks and procedures in advance will prepare you for the actual event without much stress. In any case you need not have to worry much if you have a healthy pregnancy without any complication. Research suggests that more than 80% of the women who have had a caesarean are capable of undergoing a vaginal delivery in the absence of other complications. So relax and wait for the D- day.

Importance of Getting a Bikini Cut in Your Caesarean Operation

Your planning for a VBAC should start even before you have had a caesarean operation. Ensure that the doctor gives you a bikini cut while taking the baby out. Though most doctors these days do not give a transverse cut unless there is a specific reason behind it, let your obstetrician know in advance about your plan to have a VBAC in the next pregnancy so that she can definitely give you a bikini cut which is most safe for having a VBAC.

Wait for Your Wound to Heal

Caesarean is a major surgical procedure and hence the mother requires time for her surgical wounds to heal completely and her womb and body to get back to normal before she can start planning her pregnancy. When you are planning for a VBAC, make sure you leave enough gap for the womb and stomach to become strong and heal sufficiently. Once your womb is strong enough to hold another pregnancy, things will be smooth and you will be on the road to a vaginal birth after caesarean.

VBAC Must BE Planned After Your First C Section

If you plan for a VBAC, make sure that it is after your first caesarean section itself. As the number of C sections increase, your womb and stomach muscles grow weaker and you will have more complications and risks to handle. VBAC after the first caesarean is almost always possible. At a later stage, after 2-3 caesareans, planning a VBAC is not a good idea as there could be many complications.

Importance of Exercise

Importance of Exercise

As you are planning a VBAC, the importance of exercise must be stressed again. Being overweight during your pregnancy could lead to complications and prevent your chances of a VBAC. Being overweight can put pressure on the area of caesarean operation in the womb, leading to complications like rupture of the stitched area during vaginal delivery. When you are overweight, your baby too could be big, which again spoils your chances of VBAC. Enrol for a prenatal yoga class and eat healthy to keep your weight under control. A healthy weight and a balanced diet will give you the right bodily condition for a vaginal birth.

Find Our Why Your Needed a Caesarean

One of the most important things that have to be considered before you plan your VBAC is to find out from your previous doctor or through hospital records as to why you needed a caesarean section for your first delivery. Sometimes it could have been a medical complication which prevented a vaginal delivery. It could be a problem that requires a caesarean in your subsequent births as well. This is why it is important to find out the reason for your caesarean. It will avoid a lot of complications and also help you change your mind if needed before it leads to further complications.

Talk to Other Mothers Who Have Had VBACs

Talking to other mothers who have opted for this process and have emerged successful will help you in keeping your firm belief in yourself intact. Be prepared for what to expect by talking to them and understanding the problems and difficulties that they have faced during the process.

It may not be exactly the same for you, but it will be more or less the same to keep you prepared. It is also important to hire a professional doula who can assist you during delivery. A professional doula will know what exactly to expect and will help you greatly in the process.


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