A Cesarean or a Normal Delivery

All women hope and wish to have a normal vaginal delivery. It is supposed to be easier and also you can get back to your life much quicker than if you have had a caesarean.  A caesarean is done only when a normal vaginal delivery is not possible.

It is not what you opt for. It is done if the doctor feels it necessary. The doctor must tell you exactly why it is necessary and better to have the caesarean. Some of the reasons to have it would be if you are suffering from high or low blood pressure. Then the stress levels are too high and it is a safer and better option.

Your baby’s size is also taken into account. The baby may be too large to pass through your birth canal in which case a caesarean is recommended. By the time you are into your ninth month the baby ies head is placed down and is getting ready to get engaged to get ready for birth. In such a case you can have a normal delivery. But sometimes the baby does not turn and is stuck with the legs down. This is called the breech position. In such a case you cannot have a normal vaginal delivery and have to go in for a caesarean as no baby can be delivered in this position.

The mother who has had a caesarean will be in bed for at least a day and will have to stay longer in the hospital. They will have difficulty in feeding the baby as they cannot sit up properly due to the stitches. A woman having given birth in the natural way will be able to walk the day she has delivered and feeding is also easier.

If you know that you need to have a caesarean you can choose the date and time when you would like to deliver. Do not worry about bonding with the baby. You will bond even after the caesarean only a little while later. Some women who have had caesarean and heard from their friend s about the normal delivery often opt for a caesarean the second time they are to deliver.