A Guide to Diapering

Diapers are one of the most important things, which you should buy before your baby comes home. This is going to be used from the very first day once your baby arrives at home from the hospital. You may use disposable diapers or cloth diapers, according to your choice. Although disposable diapers are easy to use, they are comparatively costlier than the reusable diapers.

But the problem with the cloth diapers are – these are not as secured as the disposable ones. Also you need to do a lot of washing and cleaning with these cloth diapers, before you can reuse them. If cost is an important factor, then you can make use of both of these in an economic way. You may use the cloth diapers at home, while use the disposable ones when you go outside. This way you can keep a control on spending on disposable diaper packs.

While putting your baby into diaper you must keep your baby on a flat and wide surface – which could be a changing table or bed. First of all, you should thoroughly clean the area by wiping with wet and soft cotton balls, so that no soiling remains. While washing you may use lukewarm or warm water. Next you should pat dry the area with dry and soft towel.

Do not rub this area for drying, as the tender skin might get scratched or hurt. If your baby has diaper rash, then you should apply the diaper rash cream before putting her into a fresh diaper. In case of diaper rash, you should take more precautions to clean the area properly and to apply the cream, each time you change it.

In normal situation, you may sprinkle little amount of baby powder on the upper leg area to remove the extra moisture from the skin before putting on the diaper. But be careful from using the powder in the genital area as it may create some problem. Keep all these essential items within easy reach, so that you do not have to leave your baby on the changing table to bring any of these.