A Healthy Diet Plan For Breastfeeding Mothers

It is very much necessary for a breast feeding mother to follow a very healthy diet. Proper nutrition is very much required for adequate milk production. Also your baby will be solely dependent on your breast milk for his growth and nutritional needs during the initial months of his life.

The breast milk will retain the flavor of the food you consume. So a varied diet comprising of all the essential nutrients should be followed by the mother while breast feeding.

Vitamins and minerals are very much essential for the baby’s growth. The amount of these nutrients in breast milk is directly proportional to the amount of vitamins consumed by the mother.

Include lots of leafy green vegetables in your diet. They are supposed to be the prime source of many vitamins. Also eat citrus fruits which are enriched in Vitamin C.

Your diet should be rich in protein .Proteins helps in the healthy development of baby’s body cells. Also protein strengthens the immunity power of the baby and protects him from infections. Meat, fish and egg are supposed to be a very rich source of proteins.

Vegetarian mothers can resort to beans, legumes, nuts and whole grains for their daily share of proteins. You can also have milk and milk products as they are also rich sources of proteins.

Deficiency of iron in your diet can lead to conditions like anemia and fatigue. You should have an adequate supply of iron so that you and your baby will remain healthy. Fish, poultry products and green leafy vegetables are considered to be rich sources of iron.

Breast feeding mothers require high amounts of calcium. Calcium is necessary for strengthening of the bones and teeth. Milk and dairy products are supposed to be rich in calcium. Also include lots of leafy greens and sesame seeds in your diet.

There are a lot of foods to be avoided while you are breastfeeding. Limit the amount of caffeine intake. Cut short your coffee consumption to one cup a day. Also avoid junk foods and aerated drinks while you are pregnant.

Avoid spicy foods as it can give your baby a major heart burn. Also do not indulge in habits like smoking and alcohol consumption.

Thus if you are breast feeding, then eat a well balanced diet and keep yourself completely hydrated by drinking plenty of water

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