A Simple Technique of Praising Your Child

Children love to drag their adult’s attention and they always want their parents to show interest in what they are doing. You should take advantage of the situation and praise your little ones as often as possible.

By doing this you reinforce the youngster’s good behavior and encouraging them to repeat it. It is not always easy for young children to learn new social skills. All these take time and a great effort on your part.

Recognition can be in forms of a well-chosen word of praise, an embrace, a thumbs-up sign, a wink or even a special treat. But praise should be immediate, so that the child understands the connection between her act and your praise.

Praising is a skill that you should know. The trick is how you praise a particular behavior rather than making it general comments.  You should try to keep compliments simple and honest for your child to understand. Whenever your child is engaged in an activity for a long time, do not wait for her to finish the act but offer her encouragement along the way.

Sometimes praise with an occasional something extra like a gift or an outing or something that your child likes, can help in establishing good behavior.  It is always an effective way to reinforce good behavior by sitting down with your child and make a list of all those privileges or treats she would like to earn for her compliance.

You can drop those slips into a jar and when your child displays the desired behavior, invite her to dip into the jar and take out a slip. Praising her, give her the reward that she has won. You will soon find that she is a happy, excited and is eager to please you again. You should not confuse reward with bribes.

A bribe is offered only when the child is refusing to do something and you are inducing her to do. The child whose behavior has been reinforced mostly with praise will have a good feeling and be able to pat herself on the back, rather than needing approval from others.

geeta krishnan