Abortion Counseling

Abortion is a painful experience for the expecting mother not so physically as emotionally. In order to deal with the consequences of an unplanned pregnancy, abortion seems as the right and planned way but to deal with abortion and recover from the loss takes time.

Adoption counseling should be taken before and after the procedure to cope up with the condition and deal with this heart-wrenching experience. Pre-abortion counseling equips the expecting mother and her family with the details about what and how it is going to happen. The feelings of insecurity and anxiety generally cloud the period before absorption.

By seeking counseling, these fears can be assuaged and the expecting woman can be prepared to handle the oncoming period with calm and patience.
Post-abortion counseling enables the pregnant woman to handle the period in a better way. Post-abortion period is generally clouded with emotions of guilt, despair, resentment, etc.

Counseling allows the woman to deal with these disturbing emotions and maintain her mental well-being. Counseling for abortion has been identified as one of the best and most effective way of dealing with the stress and guilt usually associated with abortion. Abortion counseling is given not only to the expecting mother but to her family as well.

Abortion affects not only the pregnant mother but the family as well. Counseling helps the family to know in advance how to deal with it. Moreover it allows the family members to know how to treat the woman post-abortion.
Usually after abortion the woman feels empty and low.

The conflicting emotions of sadness, guilt and fear can continue for weeks. In such a case, talking to someone during counseling sessions and expressing your fears is quite helpful. In order to seek abortion counseling, a medical health counselor or your personal obstetrician can be consulted.

Furthermore there are trained professionals who give counseling for dealing with ‘Post-Abortion Stress Syndrome’. If seeking professional counseling is too expensive for you, you can also join groups on internet that offer such counseling and help to deal with the trauma. These groups have been found quiet useful in psychological recovery following such an incident.