About Your Health During Pregnancy

Pregnancy brings joy in the life of a woman. Pregnancy stretch over to a period of three trimesters. During prenatal stages and post natal stages you may experience physical discomforts due to various physiological changes happening in your body. Some of them are weight gain, morning sickness, constipation, sprain etc.

Weight gain during pregnancy is greatly related to weight before pregnancy. An increase in body weight up to 12 kg is considered ideal. Excess of weight gain or weight loss after delivery is not ideal. Also, weight gain should happen towards the last trimester of your pregnancy.

Some pregnant women may experience vomiting or frequent bowel movements during pregnancy. This may cause a deficiency in nutrients causing anemia. Since this can affect the baby, you need to be very careful.

Heart burning is a common condition during pregnancy. This happens in the last trimester of pregnancy. Over eating can cause heart burns, hence take food in small quantities, in regular intervals. To prevent heart burns, you need to avoid taking naps soon after having foods. Also, place your head at an elevated level, preferably 2 – 3 cushions high, to prevent heart burns during sleep.

Gastritis is yet another problem during pregnancy. This may happen throughout the three trimesters. Gastritis can be easily controlled if you follow a healthy diet.

Sprain in legs, especially at nights during sleep, can cause great discomfort. Leg massage is the only way to control the pain due to sprains. Occurrence of sprains can be controlled to some extend by taking Vitamin E rich foods or its tablets.

Back pain is found very common among pregnant women can be controlled by taking brisk walking as a mode of exercise. Also try to give some flexibility to your body through stretching exercises. Proper rest and maintaining correct posture are also necessary to prevent back pain.

Hemorrhoids or piles are a condition found during pregnancy along with constipation. To control constipation you need to include more fluids in your diet chart, especially water. The condition wherein there is bleeding of piles requires proper meditation.

Pregnancy is a time during which you need to follow a healthy diet chart. Milk, fruits, fruit juices and vegetables rich with essential nutrients should be included in great amounts. Each perk of food should be a nutritious one so that your baby can benefit from it. Also, take nutritious food in moderate amounts in definite intervals.