Activities With Family In The Summer

Activities With Family In The SummerDuring summers the sun is at its best and to go outside for anything or to send the kids out for playing is not possible due to excessive heat. Even the kids feel bored locked inside the house all the time.

Spending time just watching television is not the solution to beat the heat of summers. Handling the kids during summer vacations also becomes a task. But there are some fun activities which the whole family can enjoy together during summers.

Summer Activity Ideas

Plan a Puppet Show

This is the best way to explore the creativity of your children. You can also plan a puppet show where you can call all the friends of your children and have fun. They can also bring their own puppet creations. Every day you can showcase a new puppet show. It is very easy, all you have to do is just run the horses of your imagination and ask your kids to frame a story of their own.

Then ask them to get some ice-cream sticks and stick the photos or pictures of the characters of the story. This way the puppets are ready to entertain you and your kids all through the summers. Don’t worry it will not require much time and artistic frame, just write few dialogues and the Puppet show is ready to entertain you.

Get Tattoos Made

Planning for long time to get a tattoo then do not wait this summer, just look for a nice and impressive design and get some coloured pens, henna cones and with nice colour combination start drawing the tattoo on your own.

If you want you can take help of your friend who has an artistic hand and loves drawing and painting. This will be nice summer entertainment and painless way of getting tattoos too. The best part is that you can try as many tattoos as you can, because these tattoos can be washed off and get a new tattoo every day.

Mix and Match The Food

If you are sick and tired of eating the same food every day, then to kill this boring routine try the Mix and Match Technique. Since you keep on cooking food which is liked by either the kids or your husband, just choose two favourite dishes which are liked by you.

Cook both these dishes for dinner and the dishes should be completely contrasting like Chicken Curry and Hakka Noodles, Pasta and Dal Fry, Fried Rice and Soup etc.  Then do plan a dessert after the dinner like chilled ice-cream etc.

Retail Therapy

Bored of sitting and killing time within the house during summers, and then visit a mall. The AC will give cool air and enjoy shopping. Try new clothes or eat out at the snacks bar and spend some relaxing time with a cup of coffee in the cafe.

Plan a Makeover of the Vehicle

You can plan a makeover of your car or motorcycle by painting it in different colour or by making colourful bold lines on the vehicle. Involve kids too and stick some funky stickers or accessories like GPS, timer or sound system can also be installed for a new look.

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