Advantages of Disposable Baby Diapers

There has always been a healthy debate centering around the cloth and disposable diapers. It is widely accepted that cloth diapers have many benefits but at the end of the day the advantages of the disposable diapers outweigh those of the former. The main advantage of the disposable diapers is the convenience. They can be purchased at any of the big retail stores like Wal-Mart, Costco and Walgreen. These stores have a wide variety of disposable diapers and you can purchase the diapers here easily.

When you are traveling then cloth diapers become a real nuisance. Obviously changing or cleaning the cloth diapers should be the last thing on your mind. So this is when disposable diapers will come to your rescue. You need not change them during the course of travel and hence can have a peaceful journey. Also disposable diapers are very easy to dispose off while making a journey.

Another advantage is the wetness protection. Needless to say the disposable diapers are more absorbent that the cloth diapers. A baby can go potty in a disposable diaper multiple times while you need to change a cloth diapers only after a single potty. The disposable diapers too leak much less compared to their cloth counterparts and they actually hold three times their weight in water.

The disposable diapers are also very comfortable at nights. Since the baby remains in sleep over extended hours it is only natural that the little one will enjoy his/her sleep more in a disposable diaper than a cloth diaper. Today the adult diapers come equipped with Leak Guard Protection that keeps the fluid locked in the diaper itself and not in the bedding or clothes.

Finally one cannot discount the fact that baby nappies are very easy to use. The diapers comes attached with Velcro straps that helps to securely fasten the disposable diaper on to the body. No more cloths and safety pins. They come in lots of sizes and you can choose the perfect one for your baby from the shelves. The more renowned brands of disposable baby diapers are Huggies, LUV’s and Seventh Generation. You can get all these brands in retail stores.