After Giving Birth

You have finally delivered a perfect bundle of joy and you couldn’t be any happier. At the same time, your body is bearing the brunt of your birth. Depending on the type of delivery you had, whether it was easy or difficult, normal or cesarean, you may experience different symptoms and ailments.

The first weeks of postpartum is the most difficult to overcome, but as your body begins to heal, you begin to feel like your old self again. Some of the experiences you may have are mentioned below.

Physically, you will be experiencing normal to heavy vaginal discharge. This lasts for a couple of weeks in most cases. The bloody vaginal discharge is known as lochia and gets lighter over time. If you had a normal delivery, you would be feeling pain and numbness in the perineal area, mostly due to the stitches.

This would also make urinating difficult for a day or two. For those who had a cesarean, there would be pain in the incision area and you may find it extremely difficult to sit up or even move. Taking pain medication prescribed by your doctor should do the trick.

Another physical problem commonly faced is breast engorgement. Your breasts would feel painful, tender and become extremely large. This is a sign that the milk has been established. Rest assured that the tenderness and size would gradually decrease.

Additionally some women experience sore or
cracked nipples while breast feeding. This can be excruciating, however there are safe creams available that you can apply on the cracked area to help ease the pain.

Other common symptoms include exhaustion, constipation, bloodshot eyes, breathing difficulty, overall body pain, etc. You may also get cramps as your uterus begins to contract back to its original size. All these symptoms will reduce over time.

Emotionally you may feel like you are on a roller-coaster. A woman can feel elated one minute and depressed the next, due to the hormonal changes the body is going through. You may also feel frustrated and anxious at being stuck in the hospital. Some women have increased sexual desire while others have no interest in it at all.

Just keep reminding yourself that this is temporary and will disappear in no time. You have been blessed with a baby and that is what you need to focus on.


I am a work at home mother of two kids living in Kerala, India. Writing is one of my passions and get inspiration from my family.