Alcohol During Pregnancy

According to a recent survey in United States, 2 babies out of every 1,000 babies have fetal alcohol syndrome.

So you can say It is one of the leading cause of mental retardation.I am sure this fact might disturb you and if you are pregnant it’s the right time to quit.

Taking any kind of hard drinks might affect your baby adversely at this stage. You should be aware that no quantity of alcohol is safe for the baby. Even little alcohol is capable of causing damage to your new one. Drinks which you should completely avoid are beer, wine, hard liquor and wine coolers.

Drinking excessively or having 3 or more drinks at a time is extremely dangerous for the fetus because it raises the level of alcohol in blood and after crossing blood placental barrier it can hamper your baby’s normal growth.

So your baby might be at great risk by your alcohol intake. Even if you avoid drinking for 6 days and have it on weekend you will hurt your baby.
Now let’s see what this fetal alcohol syndrome is?

Fetal alcohol syndrome
affects the normal growth of the fetus so new born babies often underdeveloped eyes, arms legs and other organs of the body. They might have birth defects such as delayed development, vision or hearing problems. In extreme conditions they might have underdeveloped brain and heart.

The most serious problem is mental retardation. To make the conditions worse if the child is suffering from fetal alcohol syndrome there is no treatment for it. You can just give him therapy, put him in special schools and provide hearing aid etc.

I am sure after reading this all pregnant women will have second thoughts about taking alcohol. Having a baby will require many changes in your life for the betterment of your coming child.  This is one of them.

It is a very small price for the healthy lifestyle you are going to adopt. Once you will leave this habit it will enhance the general health of your body also. You are responsible for the small life growing inside you so try to give him every possible happiness.