All About Baby Bouncers

Your new-born baby needs entertainment and for this a baby bouncer can come in handy. A fun and safe way to calm fussy or crying babies or to amuse energetic babies and keep them entertained, baby bouncers have become hugely popular with parents.

Bouncers are also great when you want to take a break while your baby is playing in it.Light in weight and occupying less space, bouncers are convenient to use.

There are many styles and models of bouncers available in the market to suit your budget and requirement. This article tells you about the various types of bouncer models available and how to buy one for your baby.

There are mainly two types of bouncers available in the market: framed bouncers and battery operated models. Framed bouncers provide the rocking motion using the baby’s weight for impetus.

Battery operated bouncers are powered automatically by a battery and provide the back and forth movement, independent of your baby’s actions. These type of bouncers though convenient to use and more sophisticated require frequent battery changes.

When looking to shop for a baby bouncer, look for reliable safety features such as a three-point or a five-point harness that secures your baby at the waist and at the crotch.

This is very important as your baby may be active while in the bouncer and you do not want him/her to trip or fall over.Look for a wide base that supports the baby well and is sturdy enough to hold the baby’s weight.

The bouncer seat must be thickly padded for added comfort. Some bouncers are equipped with sound or music features which many babies enjoy. Depending on your budget you can decide if you want to go with a bouncer having additional features such as these.

If you are buying a battery-operated bouncer, ensure it has adjustable speed levels. Young infants would require low speed of the rocking motion, while older babies will enjoy slightly higher speed levels.

Before you buy a bouncer, check the weight limit. Your baby must not exceed the age and weight limit prescribed for the bouncer as this could result in a safety hazard.

It is also important to fasten all safety straps when your baby is in the bouncer. Always keep a check on your little one when he/she is in the bouncer.