All About Breast Pumps

As a new mother, you must have heard of breast pumps. A boon for nursing mothers, a breast pump is mechanical device used to extract milk from the breasts of nursing mothers. Breast pumps are mainly of two types: electrical and mechanical. Electrical breast pumps are more expensive and run on electricity or electric batteries. Manual pumps require hand or foot movements to run them. This article is a primer on the various aspects of breast pumps.

The primary reason why most women use breast pumps is to continue feeding breast milk to their infants even after the mother returns to work. Breast pumps are used by nursing mothers to extract milk and store it appropriately in baby feeding bottles. This milk is then given to infants at a later time. Breast pumps helps nursing mothers make a smooth transition to breastfeeding when they return to work after maternity leave. Breast pumps are used to help women who have just given birth to stimulate lactation. Many nursing mothers feel pain and pressure when their breasts are full and breast pumps can be used to extract milk to relieve their discomfort, which can later be fed to infants.

When selecting a pump, it is necessary to consider how often you will be using it and how long you will be away from your baby. Mechanical pumps are recommended for mothers who will mostly be at home and require milk extraction only a few times a day. Though cheaper and smaller in size, mechanical breast pumps require significant effort and can tire you quickly. Mechanical pumps also have the disadvantage of not being able to completely extract milk from the breasts.

Personal electric breast pumps are considered ideal for mothers who work long hours and will be away from their infants for longer periods of time. Electric breast pumps provide significant suction and are easy to use, not requiring any significant manual effort. These pumps allow simultaneous pumping of both breasts and helps complete milk extraction. A breast pump is thus a boon for nursing mothers and judicious selection of the right type of breast pump best suited for you can prove greatly beneficial.

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