All About High-Risk Pregnancy

After conceiving your baby, when you visit to your doctor for the first time, he is going to determine the exact status of your pregnancy. Although, becoming pregnant is the most natural and normal thing on earth, but sometimes delivering the baby safely becomes little challenging.

In these cases, it might be harmful for the mother and the unborn baby and sometimes it can even lead to serious health hazard. This is the time, when the pregnancy can be described as high-risk pregnancy. There might be several underlying reasons for going into this serious situation.

But, you should not lose your self confidence in this situation and always follow the suggestions and prescriptions given by your doctor. If you can maintain this way, then definitely you are going to have a healthy baby. But what are these conditions, under which your doctor might claim your pregnancy as high-risk?

One of the basic conditions of high-risk pregnancy could be that either you are too young or too old for becoming a mother. Too young means you are in your teens and too old means you have already crossed 35 years. According to the medical science, in either these cases, your body is not fit to support the baby for such a long duration. So you need to be under special care. Similar situation can occur if you are underweight or overweight before or during your pregnancy.

Your pregnancy can be noted as high-risk, when you are conceiving more than one child. Not only twins, there are cases when the mother conceives triplets, quadruplets etc. In this situation, you have to be in bed rest throughout your pregnancy period along with various supportive treatments so that you and your unborn babies stay fit and healthy.

In case of high blood pressure or gestational diabetes for the mother, the pregnancy is termed as high-risk. On the other hand, if you are cardiac patient or asthmatic or have any kind of acute health problem, you have to be under special guidance of your obstetrician.

If you have any abnormal pregnancy history in your previous life such as premature labor or premature baby, then also the medical team will take special care to prevent recurrence of such situation and to help you in delivering a normal and healthy baby.