All About Premature Labor

Although it is not common for all pregnancy, however premature labor can cause the pregnancy to end abruptly causing much danger to the mother and the unborn baby. In fact, there is very less chance of survival for the baby and in some situation it can be similarly dangerous for the mother too.

However, when detected in the beginning stage, much can be done to save the mother and baby. This is why, you should be pretty much aware of the symptoms of premature labor.

The main symptom of premature labor is that you are going to have abdominal cramps and contractions quite frequently. It could be as many as more than 5 times per hour. Sometimes, you may also notice warning amount of bleeding from the vagina.

Even if you notice spotting of blood, you should immediately go to your doctor to know the reason of this. You can also feel a gush of water coming out through your vagina. This situation indicates that probably your water has broken. At the same time, you are going to feel extreme pressure on your back and pelvic region.

It is very difficult to find out the exact cause behind premature labor. But medical scientists have found out some factors, which might increase the chance of this risk. In case there is some sort of infection inside the uterus and cervix, then it can lead to premature labor. For some women, there is a history of miscarriage in their past pregnancies.

They are always susceptible to this risk. If the pregnancy has any complications like multiple foetuses or some acute sickness, then also the risk factor becomes high. Additionally, inadequate nutrition, absence of regular doctor visits, tremendous mental stress, and excessive addiction to medication can also end up to this situation.

To enjoy a complete and healthy pregnancy you must follow a healthy and happy lifestyle and stick to the suggestions of your obstetrician. In case you feel anything wrong or abnormal, do not hesitate to immediately call up your doctor for a consultation. In case of any severe situation, he will be able to guide you properly, so that you can carry on till the full term of your pregnancy.