All Women Need to know: Cesarean Section

Childbirth by Cesarean section is not looked forward by anyone but it is a reality that could stare anyone in the face. While we do not want to alarm you, it is not going to do any harm to you if you are in the know about it for a rainy day.Why is this method of childbirth resorted to by the doctors? When the placenta is found at a lower position in the uterus and covers the cervix

it is called placenta previa. It happens roughly in one out of 200 pregnancies. Once this is found out, a lot of bed rest along with medication is the course of action you need to undergo. There could possibly be a normal delivery but be prepared for the cesarean too.

When the placenta moves away from uterine lining, you have developed Placental abruption.  This may take place in the third trimester. Bleeding may result and there may be pain in the uterus. A possible obstruction may result in the placenta which would create difficulties for the oxygen to go through to the baby. An immediate Cesarean might have to be performed.

Some pregnant women develop ruptures to the uterus during labor or while going through normal childbirth. This could induce hemorrhage in her and again, there may be a blockage to the baby of oxygen. Here too, an immediate cesarean could be decided upon by the doctors.

The baby in a bottom-first position, downward displacement of vagina or uterus, fetal distress and active genital perhaps are some of the other reasons that require Cesarean Section.

It is not uncommon for doctors to take recourse to Cesarean Section birth, there are some risks associated with it like hemorrhage, injury, adhesion and additional expenditure. Emotional distress can also be caused in some mothers but it has to be said that it does not have to be so.

However not all are exceptionally complicated, with the progress in science and medicine this child birth method is becoming common and progressing time towards delivery prepares you for every thing mentally.

However time the last moment light physical activity must go on, engaging your self in pleasure reading and listening music can certainly calm down the anxiety.