All You Need To Know About Expressing Milk

Most women think they are doomed if they have to get back to work once their baby is born. They think this will mean the end of being able to feed the baby breast milk, and live a life full of guilt. There is no need for anxiety. Expressing milk is an easy, convenient way to give your baby the benefit of breast milk even while you are unavailable.

Expressing milk can become necessary if you work, or even if you are lactating more than the baby is able to feed. Expressing milk is safe and hygienic for both mother and child, provided you express and store milk correctly.

When expressing milk, make sure you are relaxed and seated comfortably. There are many ways to express milk. You can use your hand, a manual or even electric breast pump.

Breast pumps are easy to use, and can express faster. If you decide to express milk by yourself, squeeze the breasts gently, making sure you are using the whole breast and coming towards the areola. Do not squeeze only the nipples as they will start to hurt, and you will meet with no success.

Use larger squeezing movements, and you will notice the milk start to flow out after you have repeated the action once or twice. You can collect the milk expressed in a clean, sterilised container and store the same. Milk can be stored and fed to the baby as and when he is hungry.

You can squeeze as much or as little as you feel the need to express. The process is much like the baby suckling itself, and milk will be produced in the breasts all over again. You will be ready for the next feed.

When storing breast milk, make sure that you store and feed correctly. Breast milk can be stored in natural surroundings for about four hours. The same can be refrigerated for up to twenty four hours, and frozen for about one week. Make sure you bring the milk to the right temperature before you feed the baby.

If proper precautions are taken while expressing and storing, you will find that this can be a blessing in disguise. You can seek help with night feeds, and also save yourself from deadly dangers of engorged breasts and abscess forming in the breasts.

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