Altering the PH Level of Vagina to Conceive a Baby Girl

If you really like to conceive a baby girl using natural methods of gender selection altering the vaginal pH level can be one of the solutions. This method may not be foolproof, its effectiveness can be increased when used a part of a natural gender selection program.

Such a program may consist of many techniques including sexual positioning, timing sexual intercourse, and gender influencing diet regimen. Alteration of vaginal pH level is one component of such a natural gender determination program.

Now let’s find out how this method to conceive a girl works. The male sperm and female sperm have different characteristics and respond differently to different vaginal environment. While male sperms prefer an alkaline vaginal environment, female sperms flourish in an acidic environment.

When an egg is released from the ovary, both the male and female sperms compete with each other to reach the egg and fertilize it. And as you know if a female sperm beats a male sperm in fertilizing an egg, you will conceive a baby girl. As such, the pH level of the vagina can be altered to make it more acidic so that the condition is made more ideal for favoring the female sperms at the expense of the male sperms.

Now let’s find out what can you do to make the vaginal environment acidic. A pH level of 4 can be described as acidic. To bring the pH level of the vagina to 4, you can douche the vagina with lime juice to make the environment more acidic.

Before preparing the lime juice solution, first invest in a pH testing strip which is readily available with your local chemist. Now, prepare a solution of lime juice and water having a pH level of 2. Soak a tampon to the solution and insert it into the vagina.

This will keep the pH level of vagina at 4, which means the environment is acidic. You can also test the vaginal pH level before having sexual intercourse. Douching the vagina at least one hour prior before having intercourse is required.

Now that you have all the information, you can actually try out this natural method to conceive a girl.