Alternate Ways to Get Pregnant

Everyone wants to conceive naturally and wishes that everything is normal through the pregnancy. However not all women are so lucky. You may find that you have been trying for a while and yet there is no pregnancy. Now it is time to visit the doctor as you can opt for other methods of getting pregnant.

Your doctor will discuss all the methods that are available today; their pros and cons and also their cost before you decide which one you would prefer to try. One of the methods to get pregnant is called in vitro  fertilization. This is a costly procedure and it involves removing the eggs from the woman’s vagina and are then mixed with the sperm and once the embryos develop they are inserted in to the uterus.

This is not always one hundred percent successful and there may yet be a chance that you may not get pregnant and may try this procedure a couple of times. A lot depends on the health and age of the mother.

Another method to get pregnant is called intrauterine insemination. This is not very expensive and also not painful. It involves collecting the man’s sperm and  and is put directly in to the woman’s uterus through the cervix. In this case you can also use the sperm of a donor in case your spouse has less or no sperm. This procedure is more common with single mothers who want to get pregnant.

If the woman cannot carry a baby due to certain reasons you can opt for a surrogate mother. In this method the eggs from the mother are used or the eggs from the donor and an embryo is created with the help of the fathers sperm or a donor sperm and the pregnancy takes place in the other woman.

These are all tried and tested methods of getting pregnant and are quite successful. If you are lucky you may get pregnant on the first try or else be prepared for a long wait. Whatever the case it is quite likely that in time you will have your baby.