An Overview Of Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy

Pregnancy makes a woman more prone to a painful condition known as hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are unusually swollen blood vessels located in the rectal area. The condition affects a large number of pregnant women can cause pain and itchiness. Hemorrhoids are usually referred to as varicose veins seen in the anal area.

Advanced maternal age and pregnancy hormonal changes and can be considered as reasons for occurrence of hemorrhoids. The increase in progesterone levels relaxes the veins to a great extent thereby making the process of swelling very much easier.

The condition can occur due to the increasing load imposed by the weight of the baby and uterus on the pelvic region thereby diminishing blood circulation in that area. Hemorrhoids can also be caused by the over straining of the muscles in the bowels due to constipation

Drink plenty of fluids and always keep yourself hydrated. Also include lots of fruits and foods rich in fiber in your diet.

The pain and irritation caused by hemorrhoids can be tackled by taking a cool bath. Alternate warm and cold treatments are also a recommended remedial measure for hemorrhoids.

You can also apply cold compress several times a day. Soak a flannel in a bowl of cold water or place ice cubes in a towel and tie it to make a cold compress. Ice is seen to be very much effective in decreasing the pain and swelling.

Keep your anal area always clean. You can make use of medicated wipes to clean the anal region. To prevent over exertion of your bowels you can take stool softening laxatives.

Do not lie down on your back for a long time. Try sleeping by lying on your sides. Also avoid sitting in a position for long periods of time.

Gentle exercise helps in improving the blood circulation and thereby helps in countering the problem of hemorrhoids. Swimming is the best exercise which can be done by pregnant women to tackle hemorrhoids as it is safe and poses minimum risk of injury.

You can also get regular exercises by going for a short brisk walk. Pelvic floor exercises are also recommended as it strengthens the muscles in the anal region, thus decreasing the chance of hemorrhoids.

Surgery is the last option in treating hemorrhoids during pregnancy and is only resorted to if large clots are formed in the swollen veins.