An Overview Of Placental Abruption During Pregnancy

Placental abruption is a common pregnancy complication. It is seen in about 2 percent of the pregnancies around the globe.Women having gestational diabetes and preeclampsia are at a high risk of developing this condition. The habit of smoking during pregnancy also causes the condition of placental abruption. Multiple pregnancies can also lead to the detachment of the placenta.

The chance of placental abruption increases with an increase in age of the mother. Also you are at a very high risk of developing this condition if you have a medical history of uterine fibroids, a previous cesarean section or several previous pregnancies.

Excessive vaginal bleeding in the third trimester is a symptom of placental abruption. The mother will also experience severe pain in the back and abdominal region. The doctor will also find abnormalities in the heartbeat of the baby.

The placental detachment poses risks to both the baby and mother. The mother may develop major problems with blood clotting owing to the abruption of the placenta.

The detachment of a large amount of placenta will put the baby in distress leaving him with a reduced supply of oxygen and nutrients. The necessity of an induced labor may lead to the birth of premature babies. If the placental abruption is severe, then it may lead to damages in the baby’s brain or even cause fetal death.

Ultrasound is the commonly used method for diagnosis of this condition. The treatment depends on the severity of placental abruption. Doctors also take into consideration the location of detachment and the term of pregnancy.

If the abruption is mild, then you will be kept under observation in the hospital for a short period of time after which you will be discharged. If the pregnancy is in the late term and the condition is severe, then early induction of labor is done. If there is heavy bleeding, then vaginal delivery is ruled out and the doctor will perform a cesarean section.

Placental abruption during pregnancy is a serious problem and timely care and attention should be given for the well being of the mother and baby.