Are Babies Influenced by Sounds In The Womb ?

Babies Influenced by Sounds In The WombIt is a common sight to see a pregnant woman talking or singing to her baby. Many regard this as silly and totally impractical. But not many people aware that a baby, in the womb, can actually hear things both inside and outside the body of the mother.

In fact, many experts have proved that sounds do have an impact on the baby inside the womb.


A University in Germany did research on 60 babies out of which 30 were from Germany and the remaining half from France. The study revealed that the crying tone of each baby was actually similar to the native language of their mother.

Again the tones of the babies were not similar at all. The experts concluded that babies in the womb are actually capable of hearing the voices from inside the womb and can actually pick up the intonations of their mother language. When you hear the cries after they are born, you can actually understand the similarity with the mother’s voice.


Many pregnant women play music near their bellies so that the unborn baby can also hear it. In the 6th of pregnancy the babies not only hear the music but they respond.

The babies who are exposed to rock music react violently by increasing the frequency of kicking and punching. On the other hand, the classical music has a calming influence on the babies. After birth, the babies develop an towards the kind of music which their mother used to play when he/she was in the womb.

Womb Sounds

It is a good idea to visit some of the baby stores during pregnancy in so that you can buy stuffed animals which give out womb sounds. These sounds have a soothing influence on the mind of the baby. These toys are not of much help during pregnancy but they are essential for the babies as soon as they are out.

A baby spends 9 months inside the mother’s womb and during this period she gets accustomed to sound of the heartbeat, the blood through the veins and the water which the mother gulps down. The special soft toys emit similar womb sounds and the baby feels secure and protected as this gives them a sense of comfort and security.

Other Ancillary Sounds

Every baby gets scared after they are born as their ears are subject to a lot of noises with which they are not accustomed. It is a known fact that babies can indeed hear in the womb and it is the duty of the mother to end this fear.

She can do so by exposing the belly to a myriad of noises which a baby is likely to hear once she is born. For a start you can expose the belly to the sounds of vacuum cleaner, sounds of car and pet noises. Since the baby gets exposed to these sounds before she is born, it is unlikely that she will get scared on hearing these sounds after she is born.