Are Contraceptive Pills Actually Healthy??

Most of the adolescent girls and women have been taking contraceptive pills since ages. However, whenever we hear the words, contraceptive pills, we immediately get scared. This is because till date, most of us have been hearing $about all the horror stories about the contraceptive pills and their so called side effects. However, recent studies have proved otherwise. In the recent researches and surveys conducted, it has been found out that contraceptive pills actually have various health benefits.

From ages, our grannies and mommies have told us some horror stories about the contraceptive pills and how it impacts how women body in a negative way.  Various side effects such as nausea, breast pain, jaundice, headache or migraine, depression, blood clots etc. are some of the most common and often seen side effects in women taking the contraceptive pills. In addition to the above side effects, birth control pills is also said to cause breast and cervical cancer.

However, in the recent times, there have been various researches or studies that have proved that have proved that contraceptive pills have health benefits that completely outweigh its risk in the long term. Apart from helping in pregnancy prevention, the pill is said to have various health benefits such as regulation of menstrual period, lowering the menstrual cramps, acne treatment, anemia cure, etc. However, many experts feel that these studies or surveys bode well with the contraceptive pills of older style and not the new generation contraceptive pills. All the recent studies have shown that contraceptive pills are indeed beneficial to women’s health and add on to a woman’s living years.

But the studies have also said that you have to quit smoking and reduce alcohol intake, get your blood pressure checked regularly, and maintain a healthy diet and exercise in order to keep all the contraceptive pill associated risks at bay. In addition, even the cancer risk has been rubbished by the studies. These studies have proved that contrary to the cancer risk, these pills actually help in preventing ovarian, bowel, or endometrial cancer.

Although the health benefits of the contraceptive pills have been highlighted by various researchers and surveyors, but one common thing that has come up from all these researches is that these studies have been done on the basis of risk associated with the first generation contraceptive pills. Thus, one cannot rely wholly and totally on these surveys/studies. Take contraceptive pills at your own risk.