Are Supplements Necessary During Pregnancy

Once you get pregnant you will have to take more care of your diet, Your doctor will do tests regularly and guide you on what you need to eat. Now that you are eating for two there is a chance of certain minerals or calcium that you may need through food or otherwise through supplements.

At your first visit to the doctor she will tell you that you will need to start taking folic acids and will make you take these for the entire pregnancy. Folic acid is necessary as it helps in the formation of the spine and the spinal cord of the baby. Folic acid will prevent the baby from getting  a spinal problem. So make sure that you are regular with your Folic acid supplements.

Calcium is also essential when you are pregnant. As the baby is taking away most of your calcium you will need more. Calcium is important for the teeth and bones and the more your baby uses the more problems you will have in your teeth as you will be left with less calcium.

It is important to drink milk and and have lots of calcium rich foods like fish, cheese and nuts. However if after eating this you are still calcium deficient you will need to take calcium supplements.

Iron is also very important during pregnancy. It helps in the formation of hemoglobin which is required by the blood. Less iron will mean less oxygen in the blood and this will make you get more tired during your pregnancy.

You will need to eat foods that are rich in iron like meats and prunes and pulses. If you are yet not getting enough iron and your hemoglobin count is low you must start with iron supplements. You will need to take it till the hemoglobin count goes high again.

When you are eating iron rich foods; eat it along with foods that are high in vitamin C as it helps in the absorption of iron. Remember that when you take iron supplements your stools will become black and you may suffer from constipation. So try and increase you intake of all these essentials minerals and vitamins through your diet if you can.