Are You Ready For A Baby?

It is often felt that a happy and successful marriage means having children. That may not always be true. Lots of married couples who are childless may still be happy in their won way. Having a baby is a very important part in a woman’s life, but the reason for having a baby is more important.

All married relations needs not end only with having the baby. Lots of times couples may not get along and may take advice from friends and parents. The advice that they may be given could be that they should have a baby since it will bring them closer. This is not always true. A baby changes every one’s life, and if you are having problems in your relationship, it will only escalate the problems as the first six months of a baby’s birth is actually a very difficult time of adjustment for a couple.

If you are very career oriented, and age is catching up, and you have begun to think about having a baby you must realise that you will have to give up some of the demands of your career in order to take care of the baby. It is quite impossible to go for work after the birth of a baby as it requires a lot more time and energy than you may realise.

You cannot have a baby because you think it is the right thing to do, and because all friends your age are having theirs. You need to be mentally and physically prepared to have one. Have plenty of discussions about it with your spouse. Talk about how you can help each other and make adjustments around the baby. Before you have decide to have a baby, ask your parents and extended family what sort of help and support you can expect fro them. Money plays a very important role in having and rearing a child. It is very expensive right from conception. You should have the ability to provide for the mother and the baby adequately. There is no point having a baby and not being able to give it the best. Sort out your struggles before giving parenting a thought.