Are You The Right Role Models For Your Children?

Children look after their parents as their role models. They are nearest to their parents and spend most of their time with their parents. Children also tend to imitate from their surrounding environment. They duplicate the behavior from the things which they see.

Therefore it is more than obvious that they will be imitating their parents. The role of the parents becomes very crucial in this scenario. The parents need to present the right sort of examples to their children so that the children learn the right things.

The children are closest to their parents. They also get the opportunity to spend maximum time with their parents. In this scenario, the parents need to watch and evaluate their behavior and should see if they are the right role models to their children. Sometimes it happens that you might not be aware about your own behavior and presenting bad examples to the children.

Parents may not realize but the children may be learning everything from their surroundings. Don’t you often scold your child and ask them from where they have learnt the bad piece of behavior. In fact you might be teaching those may be indirectly to your children.

Parents should set right sort of examples for their children. Every parent want that their children are better than what they are. Therefore a conscious effort has to be made from your side so that the child learns the right sort of behavior. You also need to observe the behavior of your children and see if they are going on the right path. If they are not than you need to teach them so. But most importantly you need to lead by setting right examples.

Children are raw in their mind and they are very quick to pick up things from their surroundings. It has been seen what you are because of what you see around you. ‘Child is the father of man,’ said by one of the greatest English poets Wordsworth is absolutely correct. A healthy grown up person is so because he had a healthy childhood.Therefore try to be the right role model for your children.