Assertiveness Training – Must Know For Parents!

Assertiveness is sometimes being mistaken for aggressiveness, which this two has entirely different meaning and connotation as well. One may be assertive but not aggressive or vice versa. So, what is the difference between the two and why is there a need to have an Assertiveness Training?

First of all assertiveness helps you make a stand on people who are fond of looking down at you, in layman’s terms those bullying type of people. It will not teach you on how to dominate others however, but teaches you to resist and fight back to those who have the intention of manipulating and dominating you.

In other words Assertiveness Training will help you learn how to resist manipulation and cope up criticism as well. One thing that you should know and realize that you are equal with all the people surrounding you; just like them you too have rights that you need to assert as well. The right to disagree and refuse on things that you feel would not do you any good and the right to agree on things that you know will help you in anyway.

Being assertive is actually cannot be considered as a personality trait; it is something that a person can learn. Being assertive can be an ability to state your wants and feelings openly, but respecting likewise the other person’s feeling as well even if theirs is different from yours. Here are some ways in which you can achieve in Assertive training that may be useful for you as well:

The Broken record technique– which you can use if there’s anything that you want a certain person does something you’ve asked for. It’s called broken record simply because you have to repeat the same request over and over again, although this method may be quite annoying sometimes. The best thing for you to do to make it work is by asking the person calmly and politely, in that way even if you’ve asked it a million times he or she’ll never realize that you’re using such technique on him or her.

Negative assertion on the other hand, can be done by accepting and agreeing to some of the parts of the criticism being lashed at you. However, despite of such act, you are doing it without getting consumed by hatred and shame.

Another way is by acknowledging your mistakes before anybody says anything against you, showing them that you accept the full responsibility mistakes that have been committed. Attending assertive training seminars might be the most helpful way in knowing more on how to be an assertive individual in a positive way.