Asthma During Pregnancy

Asthma is a common condition seen in pregnant women around the globe. It is not necessary that only women who already have asthma will suffer from the condition during their pregnancy .You can very well have your first asthma attack while you are pregnant.

Asthma causes coughing and chest tightness .The important thing is to recognize the signs and symptoms of asthma, and provide necessary and timely treatment.

Asthma during pregnancy should be taken care of and treated well. This is because not only you but your baby also will be affected. It is found that certain allergies can lead to the condition of asthma. It is necessary to identify and avoid exposure to these allergens and irritants.

The allergens can be anything ranging from dust or smoke to certain food items. Whether you are asthmatic or not, it is necessary to quit the habit of smoking while you are pregnant.

Smoking is seen to increase the incidence of asthma. Since passive smoking is also harmful, avoid being around people who smoke. Remove contaminants and irritants from your home. Also avoid eating peanuts and foods containing peanuts as it is seen to trigger asthmatic conditions.

If you have asthma,then during pregnancy, the oxygen supply to the baby is affected. If the condition of asthma is controlled, then it doesn’t pose any significant harm in pregnant women.

Common drugs like inhaled or oral steroids and inhaled bronchodilators are usually recommended by physicians. Take care not to stop taking asthma medications without consulting your doctor.

Care should be taken for the asthma to not get severe. Severe asthma might restrict the growth of the baby and cause preterm labor. If your asthma is not controlled then the risks posed include high blood pressure, complicated labor and preeclampsia; a condition in which high blood pressure affects the placenta, kidneys, liver and brain.

The fetus may also have low birth weight or can be still born. It is always recommended to monitor the fetal movements while having an asthmatic attack. Pregnant women should consult their doctors and work out a plan of action to counter asthma.

Controlling asthma during pregnancy is very important for the mother and the baby. Women who are able to manage their asthma successfully  can very well have a healthy and safe pregnancy.