Asthma In Children: Tips To Deal With It

Asthma attacks can occur anywhere anytime and hence, patients suffering from asthma go through a hard time as they are not aware when and how an attack is going to happen.

Inhalers are available which can be carried with all the time to control the attacks. But inhalers are beneficial for adults who know how to manage the situation and use the inhaler properly. The problem becomes grave when it comes to kids suffering from asthma as they might not know the procedure for using an inhaler and might panic when an attack occurs.

If parents are attentive and careful, the problem of asthma can be detected in early stages. Most kids develop asthma even before they turn five and some get asthma in their early days of infancy. A history of asthma in the family is one of the main causes for asthma in kids.

Moreover if the mother has a habit of smoking and inhaled tobacco during her days of pregnancy, the chances of the new born getting asthma are quite high. By observing certain symptoms, early detection of asthma is possible. Notice if your kid feels breathless while playing or constantly suffers from cough.

Ask if your kid feels fatigued most of the time. If your kid shows such symptoms, it is time to consult a doctor and get the necessary tests done. Look for triggers that cause uneasiness to your kids like foods, smells, body allergies, infections, etc. Once you are aware of the triggers, try to keep your child away from them.

Tests and X-rays help in determining the severity of asthma which could range from mild, moderate to severe. Tell the doctor about all the symptoms you have noticed and the triggers as well so that the doctor has a fair knowledge about the condition.

Changes in lifestyle along with dietary changes can help to keep the problem of asthma in check. Obesity has been identified as one of the major reasons for asthma. However emotional reasons are another reason for asthma in kids and hence it is necessary to ensure that your child grows up in a positive and happy environment.