Asthma In Pregnancy Overview

Pregnancy is a wonderful time for women and during this period women undergo changes both in the body and in emotions. One day you will feel energetic and on some other days you might feel tired and uncomfortable. The last thing that you need during this sensitive time is an asthma attack.

Asthma is a very common medial condition in US. Asthmatic patients usually suffer from difficulty in breathing during an attack. However, you must remember that the developing baby in the womb depends on the inhaled air. During an asthmatic attack, the fetus might not get sufficient oxygen and this can put the unborn child in jeopardy.

Women who took medications for asthma before getting pregnant are sometimes tempted to stop the medications as soon as she becomes pregnant. This is because she might get scared that the medicines will hurt the fetus. But you should never take such a step without consulting your doctor.

The risk from regular asthma is very minimal when you compare the damage which is done by a sudden asthma attack. Moreover, such attacks can create sever complications for pregnant women. The babies can be premature and/or underweight. If the asthma is uncontrolled then the mother can suffer from preeclampsia.  A severe asthma attack can cause the fetus to die due to oxygen deprivation.

The effect of asthma on pregnant women is totally unpredictable. Only around 33% of the women suffer from severe complications. You can have asthma before pregnancy but you will feel and live better if the asthma is controlled during pregnancy. If there is any slack in asthma control then she can face severe symptoms between 6th and 8th month. However, asthma attacks during delivery are an absolute rarity.

But at the same time it must be mentioned that medications administered during or after delivery can actually worsen the asthmatic condition. So please inform the doctors that you have a history of asthma. Be assured that the condition will normalize within three months of delivery.

The most important thing to remember is that controlled asthma can actually lead to a trouble and tension free healthy pregnancy. You will simply have a normal pregnancy just like thousands of other women.