Attachment Parenting

Attachment parenting is all about developing strong emotional bond between the child and the parent. This form of parenting leaves a very positive impact on the behavior of children, which in long run help them to be socially and emotionally rich individuals.

Although all parents are attached to their kids, however certain practices which when followed, brings the kids-parents relationship all the more close.

  • One of them is breast feeding .When a mother breast feeds her baby; they are in their closest form. The emotional, physical closeness of a mother with her baby during this period cannot be explained in words. It’s a wonderful feeling full of love and care .The baby clings to mother to fulfill the need of milk. They could realize their need for milk can be fulfilled by their mother and thus encourages strong emotional, mental and physical growth of the kids.
  • Babies are very sensitive .So, it’s always better to sleep along with your baby within their arm’s reach. This helps to develop strong attachment with them.
  • Even when they are awake, instead of laying them in their cots or prams, parents must try to carry their baby in their arms or slings. This develops feeling of security within the child. They feel privileged and not left out.
  • The feeling of being love should be expressed to them. This makes them feel special and helps to create the feeling of self worth in them
  • Parents should develop a friendly approach with their kids so that the kids do not hesitate to share any issues or problems they face
  • Parents should be positive in their approach towards their behavior building. Reward system should be followed for encouraging the child.
  • Parents should interact with their kids about their studies,friends,games,  activities
  • They should be appreciated and encouraged so that they have self confidence

Thus, such secure attachment parenting helps to develop respectful compassionate relationship between the parents and the child which in longer run, help them to get connected easily and form healthy relationship with others as well. Such kids realize the importance of relationship and so they respect and help others as well.

Raka Raghuvanshi